'500 protestors to stand trial in Iran'
press tv / (mehr news)
08-Jul-2009 (2 comments)

Iran's Prosecutor General says some 500 individuals arrested in the course of the post-vote unrest will be subject to court action.

Mohammad-Reza Tabesh, head of the minority Reformist faction in the Iranian parliament, Majlis, met with prosecutor general Qorban-Ali Dorri Najafabadi to address issues surrounding the post-election situation in the country.

Tabesh pointed to the acute distress of the families of the detainees and urged a 'legal approach' to the situation.

Following Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election in the June 12 vote, Iran became the scene of opposition rallies with some protests turning violent.

While authorities had previously announced that more than 1,000 people had been arrested over the course of the unrest, Tabesh said that according to Iran's prosecutor general the number of arrests stands at 2,500.

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Of human bondage

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So first this characteristically moronic insidious little blurb comes out early this morning in Mehr News Two-thirds of detainees have been freed: police chief  

which I figure I'll probably post later with some super title like “Here come the math geniuses again” and some comments:like::<<So we know IRI is good at math. Really, they are..Whether two million or ten, they know that millions of ballots times zero equals zero.

So here they give the usual official figure of 1,032 arrested in Tehran, but forget to mention that that's only Tehran even though the source is from Qazvin.  Anyway. So two-thirds of 1,032 should be about 688 released, but they give absolutely NO breakdown whatsoever--by demographic, by charges, by on bail or cleared, by healthy or wounded or how badly…Zero-that magic number again. They never give breakdowns.

But the really important details we are burning to know they always give, like that there was an election and that there were demonstrations and so on. Be that as it may. That should leave about 344 remaining detainees, “a number” of which (we are told) “will be released within days”. But whether three or 343, in two or 20 days, this we do not know.....> >

or something like that.I was planning to write. 

However hours later, before I get to post the Mehr item, the one above pops up on Press TV.



Mehr News = Hell.. Press TV = Purgatory.


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here is how bbc persian picked it up:


and more following from press tv:

100 detainees to be released in Tehran w/in two days



This one I was not aware of until tonight. Now I know what purgatory really is.