A Journalist’s ‘Actual Responsibility’
New York Times / Roger Cohen
06-Jul-2009 (2 comments)

A chunk of me is back in Tehran, between Enquelab (Revolution) and Azadi (Freedom), where I saw the Iranian people rise in the millions to reclaim their votes and protest the violation of their Constitution.We journalists are supposed to move on. Most of the time, like insatiable voyeurs, we do. But once a decade or so, we get undone, as if in love, and our subject has its revenge, turning the tables and refusing to let us be.

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I am impressed by Roger, more power to him

by Haj Agha (not verified) on

He should teach a few things to Haj Khanoom Amanpoor


Keep posting Roger's peices

by Mazdak (not verified) on

DK, in spite of your snotty bylines. There is such eleqouence in his prose but also truth. I hope that he will always show as much committment to truth as he has in his assignment in Iran.