Rafsanjani doubts Iranians 'satisfied' with election aftermath
04-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

A former Iranian president who backed the top opposition leader in last month's disputed elections has delivered strong and carefully worded support of the grass-roots protest movement, saying he doubts "any wakened consciousness would be satisfied with the resulting situation."Former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani --chairman of Iran's Assembly of Experts and a supporter of opposition leader Mir Hussein Moussavi was quoted on Saturday by the semi-official Iranian Labor News Agency.Rafsanjani, who heads the group responsible for appointing or removing the supreme leader, was silent and largely unseen during the first two chaotic weeks following the contested June 12 elections. But Rafsanjani -- a key politician in the Islamic republic -- has become increasingly vocal about the elections results that gave hardline incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad an overwhelming victory.Last week, Iran's election authority, the Guardian Council, said it considered the election outcome a closed case."People from across the country participated in the elections, with excitement," ILNA quoted Rafsanjani in Saturday's story. "But unfortunately the events that occurred after that and the difficulties created for some, left a bitter taste, and I don't think that any wakened consciousness would be satisfied with the resulting situation."He referred to the recent expressions of opinions across the country regarding the election crisis as a reflection of ... >>>

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At this junction, those who are interested in establishing...

by Ostaad on

democracy in Iran should to their darnest to move beyond what ANY member of the the junta running Iran is saying or doing.

In my humble opinion the goal must be the abolishment of Velayat, because as long as that "mandaraari" concept is in place there will always be a way for the "fagheehs" to sneak in.  I have no doubt Iran might fall under the rule of "secular" dictators, like the Shah, but at without the Velayat the akhonds will not have a god-given right to rule the country.

First velay-e fagheed has to go, then the mollahs who shoved it down our throats.

Yaa ghovat.


تخم مرغ دو زرده


اکبر هاشمی رفسنجانی، رئیس مجمع تشخیص مصلحت نظام و مجلس خبرگان رهبری در ایران در دومین اظهار نظر درباره وقایع پس از اعلام نتایج انتخابات ایران، گفته است که "هیچ وجدان بیداری از وضع پیش آمده راضی نیست." ضمناً مرغ همسايه ما هم بعد از سه هفته تخم دوزرده کرد. خوشبختانه تخمش آنقدر کوچک است که هيچ لطمه اي به او نزده. (از هادی خرسندی)٬



Rafsanjani Speaks from Both Sides of His Mouth

by wgm1919 on

Rafsanjani and his sons and daughter (Faezeh) have pludered iran's wealth since the revolution. This thief still speaks from both sides of his mouth. Why isn't he coming out square saying the election was fraud, or if it wasn't to say so clearly. What is this people are unhappy with the aftermath of elections? Aftermath for  what event? The riots, demonstrations,  or the alleged fraud in votes itself? He is still preparing himself that if the system were to change, he and his family would be in a position to continue to steal.