6 people executed in Qom 29 people due to be executed in Tehran
03-Jul-2009 (2 comments)

Iran Human Rights, July 3: Six men were hanged in the prison of Qom, south of Tehran, on Thursday July 2, reported the state run Iranian news agency Fars.

The men were identified as Ahmad T., Abolfazl B., Reza A., Mostafa F., Esmaeil R. and Mohammad Kh. and were all convicted of drug trafficking according to the report.

One day earlier, on Juy 1., six others were hanged in Tehran's Evin prison.

According to the human rights lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei, 29 people are scheduled to be executed in Tehran on Saturday July 4.

Iran Human Rights had earlier warned about upcoming mass executions following the past weeks' pro-democracy demonstrations in Iran.

Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights, said: "Once again we ask the UN and the international community to do whatever they can to stop the executions and human rights violations in Iran".

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okay, dk, here's more..

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The people are purportedly "drug traffickers".

It is interesting because last July apparently they also executed 29.

Is there something special about the number 29 'according to Islamic law"?


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In case anyone's interested, Mostafei was Delara Darabi's attorney.

Which brings up the more important point. Theater.

They orchestrated the SENTENCING of Delara to coincide with that of Roxana. Delara was one of the most important individual human rights cases at that time world-wide. Obviously Roxana was too. They were/are both beautiful, talented young women, They were chosen to be co-stars. hey know what they are doing, these people. Delara won the Oscar two weeks later with her surprise hanging, while Roxana did not, because obviously she couldn't for geopolitical reasons. But it was all theater.

Now they are at it again. They have staged these massive hangings for July 4th, the day they'd been invited to celebrate Independence Day with Obama. Yeah, right, Independence Day. Good joke.

Ha ha ha. They are so great with theater. Somewhere in-between Monty Python and Psycho. Laugh til you cry or cry til you laugh. Makes no difference. In the end you will just puke your guts out. 

"All the world's a stage" for them. Horrorwood.  God, these guys are good.

Kadivar, you get me, n'est pas?

Oh and ps..they orchestrated Delara's hanging with May Day, May 1, because other activist groups had joined the May Day workers in the celebration-including the mil sig people, who obviously would've been following Delara closely as a women's rights issue. That was domestic theater. They are good at that too.