Reza Pahlavi at The National Press Club
23-Jun-2009 (13 comments)

WASHINGTON - JUNE 22: Former Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi choked by emotion when mentioning Neda (a recent victim of the brutal repression by the IRI ) during an address at the National Press Club June 22, 2009 in Washington, DC. Pahlavi, commenting on recent developments in Iran, called for a secular, parliamentary, and democratic political system in Iran.

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i dont know what happend to

by nojanthegreat on

i dont know what happend to him, he was doing great, now this. iranian gov nuke itself ?

i blame people around him , and like kadivar, my favorite frenchi.

kings dont cry, not in public



by somewhere here (not verified) on

People, are you totally unaware that all this nastiness that you unleash on Reza Pahlavi reveals more about yourselves than him? You give the impression that you are obsessed with him and enjoy wallowing in venom. It makes the reader think, gee, maybe poor Reza has something going for him that makes you so scared and bitter! You keep saying how irrelevant he is. The way you respond to him sure makes him look very relevant.

Please don't get mad at me. I'm just suggesting that the way you express yourselves is giving the opposite message of what you're intending.

And to make fun of someone who cries over something very tragic... Excuse me, but what an idiotic reaction.


cry baby and he want to be a leader


a real mama's boy

He is crying please please let me be a king so I can buy the Ferrari and drive around

 may be like my father I can marry 3 wifes and f***k up Iran

oh wait a minute someone is licking my balls is Khardivar





stop the photo-op Reza

by capt_ayhab on

You are only hurting the people on the streets. khasteh shodam baski khodamo tekrar kardam.

Baba jan shut up

-YT for NEDA Daughter of IRAN

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Remember this guy? The other National Press Club Conference?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Enjoy and Laugh with me please. At least Ahkhoora had the guts to come on TV and take calls. 


Jahanshah Javid


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برای مفتی جنگ مسلحانه؛

Manoucher_Avaznia (not verified)

خانم جان؛

آرزوی خام پیرانه سری جنگ داخلی را به گورخواهی برد که مردم ایران به صحبت سرکار فحاش فندق هم نمی شکنند. درس جنگ چریکی را بفرموده در فرنگ آموختی یا از نیروی پایداری قبله عالم؟ تئوری اش را چطور؟


وای مردم از خنده

zaderezakhol (not verified)

فكر كنم متنی رو که رضا خله خوند و بعدش زد زیر گریه، برنده احمقانه ترين و چرت ترين متن سال رو به خودش اختصاص بده...



by Farah_Rusta (not verified) on

Watch when you cry - boy you are fun to watch (LOL)




از برای استاد عوض نیا

Farah_Rusta (not verified)

شرم بادت ز آنکه داری ای دغل
سنگ استنجای شيطان در بغل



I remember another person who cried

by Have a Crush on Alex Trebek (not verified) on


آقای کدیور؛

Manoucher_Avaznia (not verified)

قبله عالم به فرموده اشک تمساح می ریزند. در جنگ امریکایی صدام بر علیه ایران بیش از نیم میلیون ایرانی فقط در جبهه ها از میان رفتند. بالاتر ازسه میلیون آواره شدند وبیش از یک صد شهر و روستا ویران شد. ولی سلاح خوب به فروش رفت. اشک قبله ی عالم هم بالطبع در نیامد.


Sort of remind me of

by Bavafa on

Sort of remind me of another royalty (GWB) that once chocked, eating pretzel. It is not a secret that many had wished the chocking would have been more successful. This is another one of those instances, as both belong to the same "doroshkeh"