Interview on SBS TV Australian Network
SBS / George Negus
21-Jun-2009 (12 comments)

The growing street protests over Iran's disputed presidential election mark the biggest threat to its ruling clerics since they took power in 1979. As seas of Iranians protest the election result which handed victory to the incumbent Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, George Negus speaks with former Crown Prince of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, the eldest son of the late Shah of Iran. For Pahlavi, the protests reflect a nation-wide push for more freedom and a secular parliamentary democratic system. Iran is “a nation that is now demanding self-determination,” he says

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David ET

Opportunist Galore

by David ET on

Until 10 days ago he was against voting in IR and now suddenly changed skin and is talking about right to vote (Haghe Ra'y)

IR would love this video to beat and arrest more people in Iran

He is moftkhors, not only Iranian money but also Iranian people's struggles!


mash mandali


by mash mandali on

باز یک خبری شد و  رضا پهلوی (ظل الله بعد از این)  خودش رو مجبور دید که مصاحبه کنه یا اعلامیه بده که خدای نکرده مردم  یکوقت  فکر نکنن لال شده!

پدر جان برو به وضع مستقلات و املاک و کار و کاسبی برس و بذار مردم خودشون گلیمشون و از آب بکشن بیرون!

 آخه کی به تو گفته که اگه اظهار نظر نکنی فردا جنگ جهانی سوم شروع میشه؟


Long live the noble Pahlavi Kings!

by Sassan (not verified) on

Thank you, DK!

Keep up the good work, Reza Pahlavi! Some of these ignorant souls with a monumental case of oghdeh need to dispense with their 30-year old stale revolutionary misinformation and take a fresh look at the Pahlavi record (father and son).

Only a completely ignorant person would conclude that Reza Pahlavi has no right to speak, considering the fact that his father and grandfather turned Iran from a monumental joke, a backward Qajar disaster into an up-and-coming modern country.

Insofar as the late Shah's excesses, all you have to do is listen to some of the former revolutionaries like Akbar Ganji, who ADMITS that the revolutionaries GROSSLY exaggerated the Shah's crimes in order to destablize his regime (and that includes the ridiculous claims about the amount of money they stole from Iran).

It's so pathetically sad... some of you people are still being fooled and suckered by the asinine lies and deceptions of akhunds like Khomeini, Khalkhali, Rafsanjani and Khamenei, the architechts of the Islamic revolution!

How tragic is that?

Darius Kadivar

Answer to YOU Last Minute Patriots and Pseudo Democrats ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on



i dont get this angry

by persian dude (not verified) on

i dont get this angry towards reza pahlavi. if people want him to rule we were all deciede through the ballot box one day free and openly. so stop this rude behaviour. if people like him let them like him. if u dont just say i dont no need to be rude.


I agree with.............

by Majid on


RP........Can you hear them now?

Don't call them, they'll call you .

David ET

Reza: "Substitute Turban with Crown"!

by David ET on

All I heard was that he was saying Taaj is better than Amameh

But great question at the start , one he could not answer because he had no answer to it 

He has chosen crown over Iran and that was the end of that man 

If Ghajars can come back so can Pahlavi's 30 years later 

We dont need to substitute one moftkhor group with another 

other than that: YAWN 



I agree with Nima/HateIRI

by Bavafa on

If RP had any sense of decency, he would sit this one out and just STHU. His meddling in this struggle is an insult to those who are paying with their blood and their livelihood on the street of Tehran and other cities.


tell that coward to shut the f**k up


You know in a free Iran we have no place for cowrds and thiefs


if he want to come back he has to pay all the money he and his dad and his family stole from Iran and Iranian peopl then he is welcome back.

But first pay the Iranian money.

He is an opportunist.

This is Iranian people movement and no pupet and coward has a place in Iran


Please no more RP posts!

by Nima1 (not verified) on

Please no more RP posts! This is not his movement and should claim no part. At this time our thoughts should be with the brave men and women who are fighting for freedom in IRAN, and those who have given their life for this noble cause.


FYI Big Boy

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

Many of those people who thought they hated the Shah and kicked him out of the country are remorseful and have admitted to their mistake. They regret what they did. They are sorry. They made a judgment error. Do you mind. You can continue your hate for the Pahlavi family but please do NOT speak on the behalf of the rest of the people!?

Death to the Islamic Republic.
Long live Reza Pahlavi. Javid Shah.

Big Boy

Here we go again

by Big Boy on

Good interview.  The interviewer asked why should anybody care what you have to say - you're not the spokes-person for the Iranian people.

Reza - I leave that judegment to the Iranian people.

Newsflash - they did that already Reza joon, and kicked out the Pahlavi clan!  None of these brave men and women are dying for you...they are dying for their country.