Iran Faces Greater Risks Than It Knows
Vadare / PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS ex-Assistant Secretar
20-Jun-2009 (7 comments)

Mousavi and Ayatollah Montazeri are putting their besieged country at risk. Possibly they believe that ridding Iran of Ahmadeinjad’s extreme image would gain Iran breathing room.  For the American neoconservatives, democratic countries are those countries that submit to America’s will, regardless of their form of government. "Democracy" is achieved by America ruling through puppet officials. There are many American interest groups that have a vested interest in the charge that the election was rigged. What is important to many Americans is not whether the election was fair, but whether the winner’s rhetoric is allied with their goals.

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This author's conclusions about Iran losing its independence...

by Ostaad on

because "The new rulers would have to continually defend Iran’s
new moderate and reformist image by giving in to
American demands." is utter BS. Furthermore, Montazeri did not start the current uprising, he simply did what he is supposed to do, provide input and quidance as a "marja". For this author to blame Mousavi and Montazeri, who are only symbols for the people  that are simply demanding the despots to stop violating their civil and human rights, is a canard.

This author has an insidious agenda against the people of Iran. Just a glance at his "credentials" speaks volumes about where he has been and whom he's been working for. My hunch is his agenda, and that of the group he works for that is the neo-cons and the Zionists, is to defame and muddy the waters of the Iranian uprising by calling them defeatist, conspiratorial and harmful. In my opinion the US and others are doing their best to meddle in Iran in order to steer the uprising to their benefits, but I also have faith in the Iranian people's ability to see through this kind of crap.

I have to admit this piece wins the grand prize for trickery because its author thinks he has masked his anti-Iarn intentions by pretending he is warning the Iranians against what their enemies have in store for them.  I assue anyone who reads this article that Mr. PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS is NOT into us, he firmly belongs to the enemy camp. He is a gorg in sheep clothing.


تنگی قافیه


از قرار معلوم خانۀ آمال و آرزوهای اسلامیستهای هار/یهود ستیزان روانی و متحدان خل و چل چپولشان آن استحکامی که تا همین چند روز پیش دمش را میزدند ندارد. چه مانده برایشان بجز خیال پردازی های مالیخولیایی، ملتی علیه آنها دارد بپا میخیزد و دیر یا زود میفرستندشان همان جایی که عرب نی انداخت.  حالا هی بگویید جمهوری اسلامی نیمه دموکراسی و ضد کاپیتالیست و نرمک نرمک از سر نارمک درست میشه و هزار دست از این حرفهای خل و چل گول زن.

  قافیه چو به تنگ آید

 شاعر به جفنگ آید




shah gholam putinee

by shameoniri (not verified) on

IRI is a servant of Russia and China. Khamenie is a trained Russian agent. are you kidding us?

Mardom Mazloom

Think about what you should do after

by Mardom Mazloom on

coz your reign is over. You, beasts, are the ennemy number one of Iraninans.

The energy of these martyrs is now decoupled, ... you'll leave the stage just for this single one murder

Shame on you.... 

‫چو ایران نباشد، تن من مباد

Farhad Kashani

Guys,   I’m glad

by Farhad Kashani on



I’m glad that people like Shah Gholam are making it clear that they are not for democracy in Iran. Of course they resort to the stupidest argument by the stupidest idiots on the internet to justify it, but at least, they are making it clear what they want. I am very glad about that.


Also, these Islamist enablers and apologizers like the writer of this article, who have been paving the way for IRIs crimes in Iran and abroad for 30 years by justifying for the regime and blaming America for all IRIs crimes, have shown few people in the West did not know about the brutality of this regime until recently. These people are the lowest of the lowest.


I’m glad that regime ideology and all its justification has absolutely shattered the past week. Let these un-democratic forces speak out in favor of the IRI and against IRI. Who cares? Did the propaganda work before? No! It just made them look like 1- idiots 2- enemies of Iran and enemies of democracy.



Who the hell is this writer?why doesn't he want democracy in IRI

by gol-dust on

? he just had an article in counter punch arguing the same thing. who is he and what is his agenda? We should live with dictatorship for the rest of our lives? Yes, this would be a gift from heaven to the west, but that doesn't change the fact that this a fanatical dictatorship regime that has ruined so many lives, even though it has helped some villagres. We need change for better. VELAYATEH FAGHIH SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM OUR CONSTITUTION, SINCE IT IS NOTHING BUT DICTATORSHIP!

If anyone questions that the selection was not fixed and looks for proof, you need not look any further that Khamenei's Friday speech. He basically said that i wanted ahmadinejad from the beginning and i didn't expect mousavi score so high, but who cares i want the guy and i am the supreme leader. I decide who the president would be, not you! So get used to it! recount the election results? no way! election is just a show to show the world that this regime is legitimate.

David ET

One of the lousiest analogies I have read

by David ET on

and I have read many from different sides but this was as abaki and kashki and baseless that one can find...

so for Iran dictatorship=independence and democracy=dependence ?

and he thinks all signs are English just because the ones broadcasted are naturally English?

and now suddenly Mousavi and millions of people putting their lives on line are agents of Obama?

Who pays this guy? Ahmadinejad?

what a piece of crap LOL

but then I clicked on name ShahGhalam and see he has joined a month before election and all he has posted are news in line with the official IR propoganda

Hmmm comment ;-)