Iranian Leader, Rival Express Sharply Divergent Views in Debate
The Washington Post
04-Jun-2009 (one comment)

 "Where did the sons of Mr. Hashemi get their money from?" Ahmadinejad asked. "How did the son of Mr. Nateq Nouri became a billionaire?" he said of an influential former parliament speaker who once supported him. "I have lists of former high managers who were given lands, hectares of land." "Mr. Hashemi is the puppet master behind all of this," Ahmadinejad said of criticism of his government. "He wants you to prolong his aristocracy,".

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Political Bug

by Taytelbaum (not verified) on

This is good news. Ahmadinejhad having trouble with the political bug under his skin. Go on, mr Ahmadinejhad... The argument gets interesting more and more each day.