Iran's Nuclear Shopping List
The Wall Street Journal
22-May-2009 (2 comments)

Mr. Morgenthau has discovered what he calls "Iran's shopping list for materials related to weapons of mass destruction." They add up to "literally thousands of records." Missile accuracy appears to be a key Iranian goal. In one of Mr. Morgenthau's cases the DA uncovered a list that included 400 sophisticated gyroscopes and 600 accelerometers. These are critical for developing accurate long-range missiles.

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It is not smart to be weak. Go strong IRAN.

by Parviz Khan (not verified) on

Bro Ghavi sho, ka zaief paimal ast.



Well spotted Fred

by KB on

It seems some one at the WSJ has something against Iran, wouldn't you say?. You should stop reading this publication, it might broaden your views mate.

There are some in this country who's blood pressure is sky-rocketing as Iran continues to defy the staus quo. They are so mad that Iran is not sitting back and allow the AIPAC backed bunch to bully it.

Having said this, I do wish it was not the current crew (the Mullahs) who was pissing these people off, its definitelybad for PR.