After Israeli Visit, a Diplomatic Sprint on Iran
The New York Times / David Sanger
20-May-2009 (6 comments)

There’s a three-way race going on here,” one of Mr. Obama’s strategists said the other day. “We’re racing to make diplomatic progress. The Iranians are racing to make their nuclear capability a fait accompli. And the Israelis, of course, are racing to come up with a convincing military alternative that could plausibly set back the Iranian program.”

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Jaleho, thanks for pointing that out

by Ostaad on

Yes, I glance through the Nuclear Jihad. I tought it was trashy, biased, and nothing but sheer disinformation.

I guess NYT cannot survive without a professional liar. Now I know why they are the only "news" outfit with an ombudsman.

BTW, what do you know about Lukery blogs? First time I checked out the site thanks to you.


Ostad, before giving it to your cat

by Jaleho on

you should sometimes read NYTimes yourself too. You would get an idea reading some of David Sanger and Will Broad's articles.

Or, you can do a simple google check on Sanger. Here's one random one for the starter; you can take a look at the famous "nuclear Jihad" too:


Zio-Nazis Are Now Alone ....

by ./. (not verified) on

Last visit by the cheif Zio-Nazi and lack of attention he got from President Hossain, shows that the zio-nazis are alone in the ME. Not only due to their war crimes and other mischiefs they have lost support of the world, and now their only supporter (US) is ignoring them too. What a happy day for freedom fighters!


Mullahs will finally bend over backwards to save their regime

by I bet (not verified) on

Those mullahs are smart enough to know when to eventually "drink from the poison cup" and give into the demands of America and the world to save their regime, and to protect their ill-acquired fortune and positions.

They have done it before repeatedly during the last 30 years and will do it again except they will wait until the very last minute and as usual with maximum damage to Iran and Iranian people. But for now, I believe Ahmadinejad will not be selected for the next four years.


The article's main point is that...

by Ostaad on

it is Israel, and Israel alone, which is hell bent on finding some kind of Israel is the only party pushing for a "plausible" military attack on Iran. I am impressed with the way Obama is putting pressure on Yabu and company to toe the line and stop his usual joftak parani. I am confident Obama administration has a clear policy about Iran. Iran will "freeze" its nuclear program and join and international consortium to produce nuclear fuel. Iran's nuclear weapons policy was publically announce by Rafsanjani during his presidency. That policy, which does not violate the NPT, states that Iran's goal is to be a "screw driver away from the bomb". So no bomb, no problem. Except Israel, which will be told to behave by the US, I don't see much opposition to such policy. 

Israel must be stopped at all cost and by all means.


Jaleho, although my cat would hiss at me if I wrapped his litter in the front page of a NY Times issue, I think David Sanger's article is fair and balanced. Comparing him to Judith Miller is simply not fair. Miller was a lying bastard and I, for one, don't see Sanger doing anything remotely resembling what Miller did regarding her "reporting" about Iraq. 



Thank you Fred

by Jaleho on

David Sanger is the new Judith Miller of the Salzburger family.

Although the Israeli propganda of US is spread from NYTimes and hundreds of papers it owns, which have been infesting the American brain, now to Europe via Der Spiegel or International Herald Tribune that Salzbergurs bought....but I am glad that many in the US learned that the family is a lie-factory to advance the Israeli interest at the expense of American blood and money. Thus my local paper "Boston Globe,"  a NYTimes satellite,  is going bankrupt as the Americans are getting wiser about Israeli traitors.