Recreating virginity in Iran
14-May-2009 (2 comments)

Hymenoplasty, the operation through which a woman's virginity is restored, is a surprisingly hot topic on Iranian weblogs. Vaginal reconstruction is a popular operation throughout the Middle East and among expatriate Middle Easterners of all religious backgrounds. The operation itself has been performed for centuries in a culture where girls are expected to be virgin on the wedding night. Traditionally, a groom's avowal that the young bride was not a virgin could cause great scandal. In 1865 the Jewish Austrian physician Jacob Polak, who worked for the royal court in Iran, reported that some grooms used this tactic to extort a larger dowry from the bride's family

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anonymous fish

so many things wrong with this

by anonymous fish on

first... the whole requirement of being a virgin at marriage to begin with.

second... the hypocracy of putting a woman through a surgical procedure to satisfy those requirements which serve absolutely no purpose except to exhibit control over the woman. 



Proof of complete failure of IRI in EVERYTHING

by Rofoozeh (not verified) on

That proves how thoroughly unsuccessful Islamic Republic has been in every single aspect influencing Iranian lives ...

IRI gets an F in almost everything, almost since it got some Ds as well ... lol