The Shah Hits the Fan
New University / Mengfei Chen
13-May-2009 (9 comments)

On the evening of May 6, a capacity crowd of over 400 gathered in Crystal Cove auditorium to hear Reza Pahlavi, the son of Iran’s deposed Shah Pahlavi, talk on “Iran-U.S. Relations at a New Cross Road.” Pahlavi, a presence on the lecture circuit, last spoke at UC Irvine in 2001. His visit, which included a series of events culminating in the evening lecture, was brought about by the Middle Eastern Studies Student Initiative (MESSI), and sponsored by UCI’s Department of Political Science and the Center for the Study of Democracy.

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Reza Shah the GREAT

by smhb on

It only takes an uninformed and naieve person to actually consider reza the illiterate as a great leader. The massive british propaganda sorrounding the 1918 invasion of Iran and the subsequent rise of reza khan to power by the british is a historical fact. The theft, brutality, murders, and consessions he made to the brits are also well documented. By all accounts when the brits removed him from power he had stolen, in todays currency values close to $10 Billion dollars which is a rather astronomical amount. In those days 1921 - 1941 this amount of money is an astounding amount of looting and theft by a nobody who was brought to power by a foreign occupation / colonial power.

Ofcourse his theivery and brutality and service to his foreign masters was only matched and surpassed by his son and in good tradition his grand son continues the course.

Now as far as Ayatollah Khomeini is concerned. Why dont you do us all a favor since you seem to be a die hard pahlavi monarchist with access to old imperial sources, do bring us your documents that have been stored away in imperial vaults under zionist protection waiting for that apportune historical moment to prove your case that he is an Indian. Oooooops I did forget one minor issue: lets say for the sake of argument that he has Indian heritage, so what? Oh I recall now, you monarchists are actually racists, I forgot that.

Back to the original point, zccepting rumors as facts just because its been repeated over and over by the remnants of the old regime as a propagande tool doesnt add any credence or provide historical validation of such claims. The sad fact is that those who repeat those lies actually end up believing it themselves. I suggest you continue lying to yourself since the Iranian people threw your master and his family out of the country like the dirty pigs they were.

As a matter of good practice, do ask your stupid little king to sit on the map of Iran in his spare time and role play as king with his zionist handlers pumping him full of hot air. You can also sit there and be the dalghak you are and beg for some money for your services rendered.



To BBC's mullah

by Response (not verified) on

"Why don't you IRI stooges (and your leftist brothers) try to help today's Iran instead of LYING about what happened during the Pahlavi era? "

Because they've got their hands up to their elbows in the same bowls mullahs are eating from. Iran can go to hell as far as they're concerned.

JJ, do not delete


Reza Shah the GREAT

by BBC's Mullah (not verified) on

Smhb and "ostaad" --

You craven jokers really should shut up! After 30 years of the Mullahs running Iran into the ground and raping our resources and stealing BILLIONS upon BILLIONS, you have nothing better to do than criticize the former regime, the Pahlavis.

You people are deceptive vermin!

Reza Shah may have been illiterate (which is a result of mullahs having been in charge of educating Iranians for centuries), but he did more for Iran in one minute of his rule than the akuhnds (your brothers) have done in 30 years!

"Ostaad," what are you an ostaad of? Oh, I know, you're an Ostaad of spreading misinformation.

And Smhb, if the Brits removed the Shah, who helped the mullahs come to power -- the BRITISH!!! Ayatollah Hendi Khomeini was a British spy with an Indian father (and that is a fact) -- and everybody knows it! Khomeini, aka, "ayatollah BBC" was sponsored by England from 1962 until his death. Too bad the British can't help him in HELL, because that's where he is today!

Why don't you IRI stooges (and your leftist brothers) try to help today's Iran instead of LYING about what happened during the Pahlavi era?




by capt_ayhab on

I have heard [Sh!t hitting the fan], and now Shah hits the fan!!

Same difference I suppose, six or half dozen ;-)



Shah hits the fan

by Abarmard on

lol, what a clever headline.


Fred, please go outside and...

by Ostaad on

play in the traffic. Barekalaa pesar-e khoob.


what shah??

by smhb on

His grandpa was an illiterate soldier brought to power by the brits and removed by the brits. His dad was brought to power by the brits and saved in a coup by the brits and americans and later on sustained by the americans and israelis.

He in continuation of good family practice is being handled by zionists. What a family?


One should start with oneself

by Goh geejeh (not verified) on

"what did the great slacker say he was going to do to help Iran, anything at all? "

What are you guys doing to help Iran? you cannot even get together and agree among yourselves on one single shit.

Your final miserable so called "solution" is to participate, VOTE in the same old dog and pony show of an election and perpetuate the same misery we've been witnessing for the last 30 years even though you guys keep claiming that you do not even believe in the system of Velayat-e-faqih in the first place.

How confused and clueless one can get and how low one can sink I wonder?!!!

Doesn't that remind one of dogs running in circle after their own tails?!!!


That's what you call a gaggle of...

by Ostaad on

the dumbs and the HIM-the-DUMBER (Vaalaazardak in plain English).And what did the great slacker say he was going to do to help Iran, anything at all?

Who needs a "lecture" from an semi-literate bungler?