Roxana Saberi's plight and American media propaganda / Glenn Greenwald
13-May-2009 (7 comments)

"One finds only a tiny fraction of news coverage in the U.S. regarding the treatment of al-Haj, Hussein, Jassam and these other imprisoned journalists as has been devoted to Saberi. It ought to be exactly the reverse: the American media should be far more interested in, and opposed to, infringements of press freedoms by the U.S. Government than by governments of other countries. Yet the former merits hardly a peep, while the latter provokes all sorts of smug and self-righteous protests from American journalists who suddenly discover their brave commitment to press freedoms when all that requires is pointing to a demonized, hated foreign government and complaining".


One Law for them, None Law for US


Glen Greenwald outlines the cases of Al Jazeera cameraman Sami al-Haj, who was kept in jail between 2001 to 2007 - that is for six year - without any charge or trial, the Associated Press photographer Bilal Hussein, who was kept in jail in Iraq for two years without charge. Greenwald refers to the documented findings of the Committee to Protect Journalists who led the effort to free Saberi that these are not isolated cases and there are at least eight cases documented by CPJ of Iraqi journalists who have been held by U.S. forces for weeks or months without charge or conviction.  Of course the tragedy of Guantanomo and Abu Gharib jails too went down the black hole of amnesia of the USraeli propagandists and their cronies on this website.  At least Saberi was not maltreated and was released with two year suspended sentence, following domestic and international pressure. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the fate of the victims of the US's arbitrary arrests and injustice, neither can it be said of any expression of concern and respect for journalistic and human rights by the US media and their 'human rights' corp on, in the face of numerous unwarranted arrests, maltreatment and imprisonment without charge of journalists and citizens of other nations.




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You know, my mom told me a long time ago not to open my pie hole until I knew what I was talking about.  That advice has served me well.  You should follow it as well.  My comment to Abarmard goes back to another thread, which took place while you were sitting on the toilet excreting what passes for your brain.  Soooo, don't jump in the middle of something that you know jack s**t about. 

BTW, I couldn't give a rat's ass if you are pro or anti-IRI or how long you've lived in the U.S.  The reason:  you are not worth my time. 

Ta Ta :-).   


Anonymous000, you really are reactionary, anti-freedom of speech

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and much more! Why does he have to wait for her to to come back and sue for defamtion? How about Abarmand do that to you for accusing him (and probably now me) for being pro-IRI?

Let me tell you smart ass why I have lived in America for 33 years and I will contintue to live for many years to come! I love America! And I criticize it when needs be since I know if I don't it can become another Iran in due time!

One thing we like about our adopted country is her supposedly democratic way in which courts function and laws are written where we are free to express our opinion whatever it is! Now you are telling us that we misunderstood this all anlong?

I don't know Abarmand, but I know he is entitled to his opinion without any harrassment from anybody including you! So you are now one of those tough cowboy guys who used to call you, the Iranian, love it or leave it? How ignorant can one be? It sounds as you really believe in the american democratic way of life!

Are you a Cheney Republican by any chance? Who do you think you are telling anybody that you would help them to pack up and send them to Iran? You have no right to harrass people? Who are you kissing up to?

I hate IRI, but I love Iran. I have every right as Abarmand does, to criticize the US government when I see it fit. It is none of your business telling us what to do and where to live, or questioning people's loyalty? Abarmand might love this country more than you!

If Iran had a real democracy, probably many of us would have gone there already. I would never love another land as much as I love Iran, the land of my ancestors for thousands of years! Let's not forget why we are all here in the first place! 



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Here, let's see you defend this:


I know that the IRI has laws superior to any other nation in the world.  I also know that you're a fan of the IRI imposed dress code for Iranian women.  So, please feel free to combine the two arguments and defend this crime.  Oh, almost forgot.  Don't be shy...please feel free to call this woman a spy as well. 



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Actually, it was NOT me.  Nonetheless, here's what I have to say about this whole Roxana Saberi thing:

kheili khoshhalim keh azad shod.  Be koori cheshm jomhoori akhoondha wa hameyeh kesani keh azeshoon hemayat mikonand va neshastan too amrica barashoon tablighat mikonand. 

I'll debate you anytime buddy.  Your call.  By the way, shame on you for calling this poor victim of your thug IRI buddies a spy on another thread.  I suggest (and hope) that she sues you for defamation when she returns to the U.S.  That will do two things: 1) it will hopefully teach you a lesson not to slander people and 2) it will teach you about how the U.S. legal system works.

Can you also tell us why you're here in the U.S. again, where there are no laws?  Surely, it is below a highly educated, articulate person like you to live in such an oppressive, lawless, dictatorship.  Can you please give us the date of your final departure from the U.S. to Iran so that we can help you move? 


I think it was anonymous 111

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Who was arguing with me along with other informed Iranians that the Iranian Justice system is not "real" like the US!

Ignorance of general public have been bliss for the Western governments.

Thanks for the post.


Dear Mehrnaz

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Right on. The duplicity and hypocracy is astounding to say the least. The funny thing is that these duplicitous hypocretes think they are moral and right and deafen the planet with their nonsense.