Iran executes nine for murder, drug trafficking
07-May-2009 (6 comments)

The latest hangings bring to at least 94 the number of people executed in the Islamic republic so far this year, according to an AFP count, compared with 246 in 2008. Rights group Amnesty International has said that Iran applied the death penalty more than any other country apart from China in 2007, executing 335 people.

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wow Zionist lobby in "existential threat" ?

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

they need this war bad. without it they have no income from uncle sam. Fred, we all understand your motivations!



by gol-dust on

including the governement!


So what! They deserved it.

by JusticeForVictims (not verified) on

As simple as that. They paid for their crimes against other human beings.


Let Him Without Sin Throw the First Stone

by Bravura on

Hey IranLover, don't worry about Israel and some unrelated conflict thousands of miles away.
Worry about the heinous crimes against our own people by the IRI.


Have they surpassed Israel's recod for child murder?

by IranLover (not verified) on

Fred jan, could you please find out if they have reached, surpassed or come anywhere close to the number of babies that were murdered by Israel in Gaza? I'd really appreciate. I just wanna know which regime is more blood thirsty.


I pat my self on the back with pride & wait for my bonus

by IRI lobbyist (not verified) on