Iran's first first lady?
guardian / Massoumeh Torfeh
06-May-2009 (6 comments)

Mir Hossein Mousavi, the centrist candidate in Iran's June presidential elections, may be an old hand in politics but he certainly has a modern style for campaigning, at least in one sense. Mousavi, who was the prime minister during the Iran-Iraq war and for most of the 1980s, has surprised everyone by appearing in all his campaign trips with his wife. He has also openly called for talks with the US, and as such he seems keen to present a new, non-clerical image. The electoral campaign opens officially after 16 May and Mousavi is coming second place in the polls, following the incumbent president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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Abarmard jan

by Parham on

Last year this time, if they asked you the US would have a black president whose middle name is "Hussein", would you have believed it?

The time for short and bald will come too, don't worry... :-)


Women's right advances SOOOOO slowly

by Jaleho on

in Iran that I think ANY measure like this is better than nothing. Iranian women have fought for every milimeter of their roopoosh which got shorter, and every strand of hair that they were able to show.

May this start a fashion of Iranian haj-aghas coming out openly and in the same level with their wives. Many a progress has started in that regard with just one un-usual move. I don't want to be too optimistic, but the atmosphere is over-ripe for this type of events. The evolution from mullah to Ahmadinejad was already good, now it is the turn for their wives. Already Ahmadinejad wife's letter to her counter part in Egypt re. Gaza war started a nascent wave. Hope it becomes a massive fashion.


dear Parham

by Abarmard on

The world judges individuals based on how you are dressed. Are you surprised?
How many of you think that we can have a short and possibly a bald guy for president here in the US?


What 2nd place? He's got only 21%!! has no chance! All the same!

by gol-dust on




by Parham on

"First of all, under the black chador, her headscarf has a floral pattern in bright colours"

I'm really sorry mellate Iran should be down to looking at such details AND analyzing them in order to guess how much "stick" will go into its "aastin" next round there's a "president"... :-/


Inching toward normalcy (maybe)

by Mehrban on

, what a drag.