A bus hit a building in a town in Ilam province
04-May-2009 (3 comments)

At least 28 Iranian pilgrims have been killed and nine injured in a bus crash in western Iran, state media say. The bus hit a building in a town in Ilam province, some 710km (440 miles) south-west of the capital Tehran.

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May the pilgrims rest in peace

by Mehrban on

For as much as I miss the azan at dusk in Tehran as a nostalgic memory of my childhood,  I can not help it that now Qoran readings even as beautifully recited as this one remind me of years of ya tosari ya rosari, riya, thievery, murder and subjugation of Iran and its people.

May the pilgrims rest in peace. 

khaleh mosheh

May they all rest in peace.

by khaleh mosheh on

How can road safey be improved to modern standards in Iran? Does anyone know if there are any trends in statistics showing changes in the situation?


Rest in Peace

by Q on

in honor of the loved ones.