Call It 'Arabian' Gulf – Or We Won't Participate
30-Apr-2009 (4 comments)

Saudi Arabia has made its participation in the Islamic Solidarity Games conditional upon Iran using the term "Arabian Gulf" instead of "Persian Gulf."

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Reality Sucks

by capt_ayhab on

I'll keep the butt kissing offer I made for them, You can have their BJ[yuk].

I do not care how corrupt, criminal, genocidal, crazies are Akhunds, No Arab will have their names on PERSIAN gulf. You can take that to bank dude.



anonymous fish

say what!

by anonymous fish on

this is by no means an arab-versus-persian comment but...


it's the Persian Gulf.  always has been... always will be.  even I know that...:-)


To Capt_ayhab: Huff and puff Iranian style

by Reality sucks (not verified) on

Mon Capitaine, you must start accepting this undeniable fact that this is all the natural result of a bunch of bigheiyrat corrupt mullahs ruling over our country of birth Iran, otherwise no amount of kissing your hairy butt or even giving you a bj before going to hell would change those Arabs' offensive attitude.



by capt_ayhab on

The Arabs can go to hell, but they have to kiss my hairy proud Persian rear end before going to hell.

What a bunch of bigheiyrat and corrupt people are these Arabs.