This Iran Strategy Looks Awfully Familiar
Forbes / Ramin Ahmadi MD
29-Apr-2009 (2 comments)

What if the U.S. were to turn its back on the plight of Iran's nation to embrace its government? If so, America is not about to blaze a new path. Rather, once again, as in the time of the Shah, the U.S. will align itself with those whom the nation regard as oppressors. It was precisely such an alliance that sparked the anti-imperialist fury among ordinary Iranians, which Ayatollah Khomeini exploited. That fury became the bonfire we now call the Iranian revolution of 1979.

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The US is looking to play the hand...

by Ostaad on

that it is dealt. The present US policies vis-a-vis Iran are based on realpolitik, unlike the phony policies of the Bush administration which had no efficacy at all. Ironically depriving the regime in Iran from using the US bogeyman, will give more room to the Iranians who are more democratic to be able to claim a larger share of Iran's politics.

Fred, I did not find the title, "MD" attributed to the author anywhere in the article. Are you taking "editorial" freedom as you wish? Did I miss anything?


History repeats itself

by Sad (not verified) on

Such a shame for Iran!

Seems like Americans did not learn any lessons from their past mistakes, unless they were actually the ones who made the revolution in Iran through Iranian people to get rid of the Shah and are quite confident that Iranian people are incapable of revolt against tyranny on their own no matter what.