Iran’s Yankee Hero
The New York Times / F.CALAFI, A. DADPAY and P. MASHAYEKH
18-Apr-2009 (3 comments)

Surrounded by royalist troops, the people of Tabriz fought back. And instead of choosing the safety of the American consulate, Baskerville joined the outgunned and outnumbered constitutionalists. The young Nebraskan has been quoted as saying, “The only difference between me and these people is my place of birth, and this is not a big difference.”

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The authors lie نويسندگان این مقاله دروغ میگویند

Setting the record Straights (not verified)

The authors simply lie when they claim that most Iranians know the name of the American fellow they glorify. The fact is that most have not heard of him.

نويسندگان این مقاله دروغ میگویند وقتی ادعا میکنند که اکثر ایرانیان نام این آمریکایی را بلدند یا شنیده اند.

اکثر ایرانیان حتی اگر ازشان خواستی نام سه تن از رهبران کشور و رجال سیایس در زمان انقلاب مشروطه را نام ببرند نمی توانند


Billy Joel

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Jahanshah....I should have known you were a Billy Joel fan!


Great Story!

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Great Story!