Reza Fazeli has died
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14-Apr-2009 (12 comments)

Mr Reza Fazeli passed away today after having struggled with an illness for some time. Mr Fazeli was the target of an assasination attempt by the Islamic Republic occupying Iran in the late 80's/early 90's. Mr Fazeli survived the assasination attempt however his son who was with him during the attack died from the injuries he had sustained. Having buried both his son and later on his daughter, these events only lead to Mr Fazeli's convictions being further strengthend and kept him going stronger than before - his main message which he conveyed through his television programmes/documentaries was to teach Iranians to use their own brains and think for themselves rather than following others like sheep




Fazeli passed away

by sam jade on

Once a while you come across some people in your life , that they Will change the way you look at things , or subjects or Idology,

Reza Fazeli did this for me I am not sure how else I can say it,

I will be greatfull to him for rest of my life,

so do so many of our young generation whom watch his program on tv and

start opeining their minds to logic ,personal intelect and understanding,....


Roohesh shad ,

asheghe Iran bood ,asheghe Iran ham dar gozasht.




Be proud to be an Iranian, with or without ancient Persian glory

by Jabbar Fazeli, MD (not verified) on

Since I share Mr. Fazeli's name and I happen to disagree with some of the comments I thought I'd add a comment of my own, as late as it maybe.
As an Iranian living abroad I am well aware of the inferiority complex we all have that pushes us to constantly talk about Persia and suppress our contemporary identity.
As I write this, the so called election in Iran is being contested and many brave Iranians are dead at the hand of the brutal regime.
Maybe these new faces of Iran would make it possible for some to be proud of using the word "Iran" and "Iranian", rather than constantly referring to themselves as Persians even if they happen to have an Azeri accent.
Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being proud of one's heritage but it can't be the only focus of our lives. We should be judged by who we are and not by who our ancestors were.
Instead of teaching our kids to be proud of who they are as well as their heritage, we are teaching them to blame the Arabs for their loss of prestige and constantly implying that if the Arabs didn't screw it for the Persians their lives would have been different today.
Last but not least, overt nationalism breads racism and what we may call normal Persian pride maybe considered blatant racism against non-Persian Iranians.
Long live the Green Revolution
PS* I'm not Persian but I'm proud to be an Iranian


Reza Fazeli RIP

by sam jade on

I Was wondering what religion before Zartosht we were goting toward?? for god sake the guy is dead ,watch somoe of his speech he recommended reading Quran in Farsi ,hold SHahnameh as best Farsi language document ,think Iran first not Islam first.. Relax rest of your so called respond has nothing to do with Mr. Fazeli ,now we know you are well educated and having dinner with big shots...His son was blown up when thay attacked his bookstore in LONDON ,they missed him then,,her doughter did not die for Iran ,She got cancer and died, If you are a father or you will become one soon you may feel how painful is the lost.. I dont give a @@@@ what newspaper said 3000 years ago since sound like you had been ther also you had witness 4th Shiat Imam whatever ,,,,

the subject was not to brag about bunch of so calle KILISHE kose sher..that you worte which had nothing to do with anything...

keep your personal agenda for living person, cause they might respond.....

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You have not sat down with any of these people.

Not you, Carpenter, Milani, Cohen, Smith, Niavarani, Tehrani or any of the other people you claim to be at various times.


IRAN is a lot poorer today with this loss of a great Iran-doost

by Shahram777 (not verified) on

Yet another great Iran-doost has left us. Bless his soul. What a shame that people who don't care for Iran are walking on its ground, while those who love Iran are forced to live far from her, until they one day die far away from their beloved home. May God curse the regime of the Islamic Republic!


to mr. davood some comments up here....

by Javid Iran (not verified) on

You might be right about the level of academic knowledge of mr. Fazeli, to some degree I agree with you about that. But when it comes to the list of people who you so proudly quote being experts on Iran I only say this: All academic work is more or less biased to certain degree... some of them are paid by dumb petro Arabs who keep some of these worthless Middle Eastern studies centers alive in order to glorify themselves and push down others, foremost Persians/Iranians. They are helping new comers like UAE to build great history and national identity by telling lots of bullshit about the background of real nations in that region, like Iran. So unfortunately you seem to be very much affected by this wave... Remember one thing mr. "know it all"... real Iranian Guardians are watching all intentional moves by these history fakers who normally put an academic stamp on their forehead and also use brainless Iranians as their fifth colonn.


Mr.Reza Fazeli

by malek_shoara (not verified) on

Mr.fazeli passed away i think as far as making films about molla,s he did make a few good films about molla,s like Variete Akhoundi,i think he should have stick to just what he knew making films and acting,as far as commining in television and talk about political matter no he did not have enough knowledge to do that and his speaking was too cheap i don,t think he has more than a high school diploma.
Any way god bless him


Mr. Fazeli an Iranian Hero..

by Mastaneh Art (not verified) on

I am not sure where Mr. Davood Bnayan gets his info,
there is no doubt that Mr.Fazeli did a great job on
leading our youth ,to be proud of Persian culture,also remind us time after time ,How Arabs influence tried and still trying to destroy our Persian culture,Mr Banayan if that what your name is,
when ever Islamic Republic of Iran see you as a threat or Killed your son ,or kept on attemping to kill you then you are in the same level of Intelect as Mr. Fazeli was, his braveness and dedication will always stays with us and many of his students. when he was alive many of IRI agencies and staff tried to damage his reputation but it did not work ,they also mention his name in AHMADI Nejad site as an enemy ,(which should be the proudest thing for any Iran lovers or Iran worshippers) He loved Iran ,he proved it time after time, if technically his words did not taste sweet for so many... well be it, but there is no question on his love for Iran,and freedom.No one I know of sacrified so much of his life and his time and his health and wealth to free Iran as much as Mr. Fazeli had done in recent year in Iranian media,without taking side,,he was not Pro or Anti anyone simply loved Iran, may he rest in peace..


Reza Fazeli's opinions were one sided to say the least

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.

The fall of the Sassanid dynasty to Umar Khataab's Army was aided by the disobedienceof the Iranian Army.  The Iranian military refused to fight for the last Sassanid king.  The last Sassanid king was murdered by a fellow Iranian.  The last Sassanid King's only daughter married the Prophet Mohammad's son by choice.  The 4th Shia Imam is the child of the only princess of the last Sassanid dynasty's Monarch.  The Sassanids forced Zoroastrianism on the Iranian masses.  People revolted against this violation of freedom of religion.  At the time Iranians were moving toward other religions.


Reza Fazeli only spoke about stuff that are rumors at least and straight out lies at most.


If Reza Fazeli's son and daughter were killed by the Iranian Government after the Iranian Revolution this is just plain wrong.  The Fazeli family is totally useless.  Only an Iranian illiterate in middle eastern studies would believe his jibberish.

I have sat down with Professor Bernard Lewis, Professor hamid Dabashi, Professor Ervand Ebrahimian, Professor John Esposito, Ahmad and Mahmoud Sadri, Professor M. Reza Ghods, and Professor Akbaar Mohammad (Son of Elijah Mohammad and friend of Malcolm X).   These people taught Middle Eastern history and Iranian history.  They know there stuff.  Mr. Fazeli, at most was an Iranian with limited knowledge about Iran that one meets an Iranian gathering or dinner.  And to top that off, Mr. Fazeli, is the guy at the dinner table, who doesn't even have a high school diploma.  He is always quoting some dumb persian poet and has absolutely nothing between his ears.

When you attend a western university and really learn about Iranian history, one finds out how much Iranian history is censored in Iran.

You learn more about Iran through Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the BBC, CNN, Euro News, the United Nations, NATO, etc...

What do you get from an Iranian newspaper printed in Iran today?

1.  Ali Daei was kicked off the soccer team.

2.  Ayat'Allah Khamenei visted Imam Reza's Shrine.


What did you get before the Revolution in news papers?

1.  The Shah visited Imam Reza's Shrine.

2.   Shabaan "the brainless" Jafari is working out in his fitness gym.


Iranian newspapers printed in Iran for 3000 years are not worth wiping one's backside with.


Darius Kadivar

Also an Actor who even played in a Western Spaghetti ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

He also played in a rare Italian Western Spaghetti with US star Jeffery Hunter entitled : Find a Place to die (1968)

See Opening of this film:

Music Score:

DVD Available on

Can Anybody confirm is he is the cowboy with the white hat here

More photos of the film and movie poster with Fazeli's name here


Very Courageous Man with a

by No Name (not verified) on

Very Courageous Man with a lot of dignity....will be missed greatly


Reza Fazeli

by Ali Iranparast (not verified) on

Reza Fazeli was a true Iranian and loved Iran and he paid a high price to free Iran and Iranian from the darkness that has shadowed Iran since the Araba invasion. he has awakened thousands of Iranian, Fazeli will be greatly missed but Iranian will continue his work till Iran is freed.