CIA no longer uses harsh interrogation techniques
09-Apr-2009 (5 comments)

The US has stopped running its global network of secret prisons, CIA director Leon Panetta has announced. "CIA no longer operates detention facilities or black sites," Mr Panetta said in a letter to staff. Remaining sites would be decommissioned, he said. The "black sites" were used to detain terrorism suspects, some of whom were subjected to interrogation methods described by many as torture.

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Mehdi Mazloom

Replace one form of torture with another one.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

What about those Islamist who say. "we love death", do you also spare them the luxury of face to faceconversations. Just Talking to these Al Qaeda thugs will be a torture for them. On the other hand, torturing them will provide them that coveted feel sorry for themselves, and feel hero shahids, and that all venerable mantra "go down in flame".

Most important torture which the new policy of no torture will do to these poor Islamist souls is, where will they get their promised 72 unused and brand new vaginas?.

No torture, no claim to those black eyed khosh-kellah, and no orgies every night. NOW, THAT IS REAL TORTURE FOR THOSE HORNY HUSSEINS, AND THE AHMADS. 

All CIA and US government had done, is they replaced one form of toture with another one. that's all 

anonymous fish

sorry darius for the confusing comment

by anonymous fish on

but i posted this on another blog and now i can't even find the original blog.  sorry!!!

i wonder where my comment to THIS blog went?  anyhoo... thanks for posting this.  it's about damn time.  another sad chapter in US history. but i remain optimistic that we can recover from this shameful period and emerge stronger than ever as a truly democratic nation.  i hate bashing bush for everything but to allow this just shows the mindset of this madman.

thank god for obama.  not as a god of course but a man of true conviction who will hopefully lead this country into greatness again.



I hope it's true

by IRANdokht on

and I also hope that other countries especially our own is run by people who value human rights and treat people with respect regardless of their religion and political views.

Thank you Darius.


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i posted this on the OTHER blog.  why is it showing up here?

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just asking so dont go

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jumping my case.

Instead he told his audience that pushing ahead with the nuclear programme was the only way for Iran to achieve the status in the world that it deserved.

how is obtaining nuclear capacity for DOMESTIC use going to achieve any kind of status in the world?????  WHAT kind of status is he looking to achieve?

conversely... IF he were to be honest and admit iran WAS developing nukes for warfare, this WOULD be the kind of statement he would make.

do you see the contradiction?