Iran mulls death penalty for offensive blogs
Al Jazeereh / Nazanin Sadri
26-Mar-2009 (7 comments)

Iran is proposing a law that could impose the death sentence on bloggers who post offensive material

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Pas chi

by Daryush on

I am Iranian

I live in Iran

I can't easily walk out and get drinks, which I do most of the nights anyways

I can't breath the clean air, and it's hard for my friends and family to get a decent job (thank God I have a good Job)

AND I have many problems with the regime but I am nor any one I know is a "revolutionary"! The problem is that all the strong minded and hard working revolutionaries such as People in this site are living out of the country!!!

I am Iranian and the Islamic Republic is my government. I and my friends are the only ones who not only suffer daily but also will work to fix the problems. What else can we do?

That's much more than you and your kids could ever do for Iran. So my words have  bigger weight when we talk about Iran than yours. Do you understand?

Most of you have a giant problem in your logic: You don't know Iran. Maybe because you have not come here for a long long time, or listening to what your Government is telling you about Iran. Either way, you are not right about Iran. Come and see it, then we can truly talk about the issues.


What do you expect from the islamists

by Anonymous111 (not verified) on

Didn't you hear King of Saudi Arabia was pushing for death penalty for belasphomy in United Nations gathering. These people are all terrorists and they even want to silence those who live abroad. Sadly not everybody is getting it.

Kaveh Nouraee

To lol

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Oh, yes indeed, this trend hasn't gone unnoticed.

They think they can fool everyone, but the truth is that they are fooling no one except themselves.

But at least I get to watch this comedy of stupidity with a front row seat.  :-)


To Kaveh

by lol (not verified) on

And they keep registering under different aliases, and strangely enough all of them have ancient Persian non-religious aliases, rather than Islamic ones except maybe for one or two ... lol

btw, have you noticed there are now more female aliases, all supportive of the misogynist IRI?!!!!

Kaveh Nouraee

Typical IR

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I know that there are certain IR-loving regulars on this site who would love to be able to impose the death penalty upon those who disagree with them.


Na baba

by Daryush on

EEN khabaraa nist. They always try to push the envelope, both the system and the people and the people normally win. This is another case that people will win.


مرگ بر بِلاگِر


تا حالا فقط اینشو نشنیده بودیم