Netanyahu 'will be peace partner'
25-Mar-2009 (9 comments)

Israel's next prime minister, Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, has said his incoming government will be a "partner for peace" with the Palestinians. He said he would negotiate with the Palestinian Authority, a change of tack after being critical of previous talks. Correspondents say the right-winger is trying to temper his image as an opponent of the peace process. Palestinian officials said Mr Netanyahu must back the idea of a Palestinian state to be considered a partner.


This is like Doroogeh Seezdah!

by ramintork on

Its like asking the devil to hold on to your Soul whilst you go for a pee!


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

the day Yahoo smoked a spliff?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

What the hell was he smoking on that day? HAHA!



by XerXes (not verified) on

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Some valid points

by ramintork on

I suppose I've seen more surprising things in life!

For instance in UK I never even imagined I would see a day when Ian Paisley would sit with Martin MCGuiness of Sinn Fein so the desire for peace can change the hardiest of the politicians.

His track record is pretty bismal as far as being a peace lover is concerned.

khaleh mosheh

Chill out anomyous expletives

by khaleh mosheh on

Nice trick by the way--keep posting several messages with unverfied logins.--Really smart pal.


Kahleh Moosheh

by Anonymous*&^%$ (not verified) on

who started the Labenon war in 2006? Wasn't it that IRI ape Hassan Nasrollah? Israel had withdrawn from Lebanon by that time. But Nasrollah wanted a street named after him in Tehran, so he started that stupid war with israel that cost the lives of almost 1500 innocent Lebanese. For God's sake, he even apologized for it! Only supercharged anti-Israeli Iranians like you still say that Israel started that war!

khaleh mosheh

Peace Partner?

by khaleh mosheh on

Remember Gaza 2009 and Lebanon 2006...

Mehdi Mazloom

consider this

by Mehdi Mazloom on

despite Natanyahu's right wing posture and ideology, lets remember that it was Menachem Begin of the same right wing Likud party whom signed the peace treaty with Egypt. Also as deeg be deeg mentioned, no one in Israel believed that back in 2005, Ariel Sharon would withdraw from Gaza. He did. 

After all, any Israeli leader's dream is to enter history for bringing peace and properity to the country, ratrher then wars,


To Ramintork

by Deeg be deeg migeh root siah (not verified) on

After all, Netanyahu is temporary, but remember that Khamenii is PERMANENT.

Besides, Netanyahu like Ariel Sharon (who was once called a hardcore warmonger but eventually agreed to the two state solution) have become well seasoned politicans, thinking above all about the wellbeing of Israeli Jewish citizens, if not its Arab citizens.

I say It sounds more unbelievable if one believes that Khameneii keeps first and foremost the welfare and propserity of Iranian people in mind.