In pictures: Still Human, Still Here
23-Mar-2009 (2 comments)

Hamid, 28, from Iran, at a bus stop in north London. He spent three years living on buses, in parks and on the streets of London, using heroin to cope.



In pictures: Still Human, Still Here

by ramintork on

If you spot this guy in North London, please help him out.

The chances are that he is aware of support agencies and the nearest Iranian community centre to him is:-

Iranian Community Centre > Community Centres in London North area
Tel: 020 77007174 - 266 Holloway Rd, N7, N7 6II (1.8 miles)




by immigrant (not verified) on

I looked at the pictures and it hit home with me. Many of us or our family members/friends or people that we know have been asylum seekers and we feel the pain of the people you have posted. Thanks for reminding me.