Divided views on Iran's new year NowRuz
23-Mar-2009 (one comment)

Since the 1979 revolution, Iranian officials have taken two differing views of Nowruz, the Iranian new year, which starts on Friday - they have either rejected it or they have tried to co-opt it. Conservative Islamists and some clerics have usually scorned and even repudiated the two-week festival as a throwback to pre-Islamic Persia, others have regarded it as a time-honoured tradition. Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic, in his first post-revolution speech, declared Nowruz would not be celebrated as long as the world suffered from injustice.

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The Mullah are just a bunch or Morons

by farokh2000 on

These idiots are trying everything to destroy the Language and Culture in Iran. These are the two things you take first when you want to dominate a Nation.

They have done their best by ruining the Language, which is now full of Arabic garbage. They have also tried their best to take the Cultural identities, like Nurooz away from the people.

One day soon there will be a Turban and Rubes burining in the middle of the streets in Iran, hopefully.