Iran Is Unlikely to Give Up Its Nuclear Enrichment Program
Council on Foreign Relations / Bernard Gwertzman
16-Mar-2009 (one comment)

Leslie H. Gelb, who worked as a high official in two administrations before serving as CFR's president for ten years, says the United States should focus on "attainable objectives" in talks with Iran. In order to prevent Tehran from building nuclear weapons, Washington must accept that the country's uranium enrichment program is not reversible. Gelb, now CFR's president emeritus, says "Within ten years, if we take our time and do these negotiations right, Iran will be our closest ally in that part of the world." Gelb also notes that the United States should develop a "power extrication strategy" for Afghanistan based on containment and deterrence.

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Jerome Corsi will be sad

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Does this mean there will finally be a "showdown?"