Allies’ Clocks Tick Differently on Iran
The New York Times
15-Mar-2009 (10 comments)

At the root of the problem of how to respond to Iran’s nuclear progress is the inscrutability of Iran itself. The Iranians hid their nuclear work from inspectors for 18 years, and last spring, in arguing against an Israeli attack, the Americans cited the probability that many of Iran’s nuclear facilities are still hidden. The Israelis had argued that an attack would set back the nuclear program by at least three years; the Americans responded that its effect might last as little as six months.

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zionazi media never explain

by King David (not verified) on

how iran can reconfigure 5000 centrefuges under IAEAs watchfull eyes ? this lie repeated every week till iraq ( now iran) get bombed

Monarchist support irans nuclear program as it was started by Shah so it nothing to do with IRI , it belong to iranian people and not any regime

every patriotic iranian want to see nuclear reactors go online asap and supply its own fuel so fuel cant be taken hostage by AJNABI


Fredo jan

by IRANdokht on

I love that nickname, don't you? ;-)

Your super title says:

It is the Islamist Republic not Iran, stupid

My dear, when the bombs fall, they'd be falling on Iran and not on IRI alone! IRI is not a single entity with a limited perimeters!

Israel is trying to justify bombing civilians already by insinuating that most of the nuclear facilities are "hidden".

So my question to you is: Why do you want Iran destroyed? If you are a monarchist how would you feel if the bombs fall on Shiraz' Takhteh Jamshid and Cyrus the great's thomb? Whose side would you be taking then?



It is not their strategy idiot

by Alborzi (not verified) on

In time they will have the capability to produce a rudimentary bomb, but they fully realize such a move will open them to attacks by Yahoos of the world. So they pursue their goals though proxy groups ( like hezbullah and Hammas ), they also will develop technology for a future that is not clear.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Fred is busted.... but not bursted

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

He's busted/bruised, but not bursted. I wish Fred could channel this energy to informing Iranians and helping causes rather than being a toxic presence. No this isn't about being anti-free Fred Speech. He's got his rights and yadda yadda. However, it's pretty sad that he takes this much time to grieve about Trita and other people's success in creating a dialogue about Iran just so that he can be an anonymous villain. Fred has a name, a story, and a soul, despite all the boloney he writes here. His energy could be much better used, if he really cares about democracy in Iran. 

Most Iranians don't want to hear about how stupid IRI is. Unless they are mentally retarded, they know this. Fred needs to move on from 1989 and think about reality. War and aggressive rhetoric is the business of IRI and wing nuts, NOT intelligent people. Give it a rest Fred. You might be able to stop the blood pressure meds. 


You mean to say

by capt_ayhab on

You mean to say that Fred is busted?

Fred jan, IF NYT is your [bible] then you are in sorrier shape than I thought you were.

Marge summed it perfectly.

cheers baba


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I think I get it now

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Usually, monarchist armchair revolutionaries like Fred get some sympathy from me. Fred has claimed to be an old ex-monarchy official on a decent level of the food chain. Most of these kind of people exist to talk about Iran's past or history and even lend talk of experience and ancedote, for which we should be grateful because whether or not we like it, it is our history. But FRED is just a fake person, faker than I, a cartoon. This identity or narrative exists not to inform, but only because people like Soraya Ulrich or Qumars exist. 

Basically, Fred doesn't add anything (think of X and Y chromosomes). He just lurks, waiting for Trita or the other people I mentioned. Without them, he's a nothing and that's pretty sad too I suppose. What is HIS contribution? Nothing except being the first to comment on Trita Parsi and injecting some kind of suspicion. What is your accomplishment Fred? Other than resenting these people for their work and ideas on Iran? Why do you like to further divide divide? What good does it do for you? For democracy? 

Before you dismiss Fred, remember to have sympathy still.  


Documents galore

by Fred on

A devotee of Press TV, an Islamist republic propaganda organ, in reaction to a recommended New York Times article, in part says:

 Besides what do you expect from someone whose news sources are Faux and Hanitty (sic) type reporters. I by no means support IR and this is well documented."  


philosophical question: does por-rooie have a limit?

by Q on

What about hypocrisy?

... many of Iran’s nuclear facilities are still hidden. The Israelis had argued that...


FYI, it is fully understandable and completely legal for facilities to be hidden from a country that was supplying Saddam Hussein with advanced targeting data for 8 years and funding known terrorist groups against another country. According to NPT rules, Iran has obligation to reveal any facility to IAEA only 6 month prior to introducing fissile material, not 18 years prior which is why Irad did not violate rules.

If you pay attention, even the Bush Administration was careful not to say Iran had hidden its facilitis illegally, using terms such as "hidden from the world" or "deceived the world" without bothering to mention that it was not required to reveal anything before 2003.



by capt_ayhab on

Perfectly put my dear. the detachment some of these guys demonstrate from reality is astonishing. Besides what do you expect from someone whose news sources are Faux and Hanitty type reporters.

I by no means support IR and this is well documented. But Iran like rest of the world has to think of alternative sources of energy real soon. Besides, every country has the right to protect herself. Everyone has nukes now, why not Iran?

I wonder marge, have you been in Iran? God it is the loveliest place ever.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Of course they hid it

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

So what? Even a nut like Ahmadinejad gained lots of approval for his nuclear stance - tough stance. iranians support it and don't want America and Israel determining their rights on this. Maybe they don't know what nuclear power even is, but it doesn't matter. Iranians are stubborn and don't like to be told what to bossed around by foreigners. 

Fred you really need to find a sponsor and take a trip to Iran. The way you seen American news on iran sucks. It's very obvious how little you know about Iran and Iranians post 1971.