Return of the war party
MSNBC / Pat Buchanan
27-Feb-2009 (5 comments)

There is no evidence Iran has either created the cascade of high-speed centrifuges necessary to produce HUE or that Iran has diverted any of the low-enriched uranium from Natanz. And the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors retain full access to Natanz. And rather than accelerating production of low-enriched uranium, only 4,000 of the Natanz centrifuges are operating. Some 1,000 are idle. Why?  

Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei, head of the IAEA, believes this is a signal that Tehran wishes to negotiate with the United States, but without yielding any of its rights to enrich uranium and operate nuclear power plants. For, unlike Israel, Pakistan and India, none of which signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and all of which ran clandestine programs and built atom bombs, Iran signed the NPT and has abided by its Safeguards Agreement. What it refuses to accept are the broader demands of the U.N. Security Council because these go beyond the NPT and sanction Iran for doing what it has a legal right to do. 



I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

lol is right - but that's cable news for Yaaaaa

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He's a creepy guy to put it nicely. I saw him laughing about black people who were told not to vote and I think the hair dye has seeped into his brain. So I'm wondering how the hell he came up with this brilliance. 

Israel is failing. If they risk it on Iran, they are shooting themselves in the foot. In the article, that quote by Ben Netayahoooooo comes up "iran is the biggest threat since the war for existence." Wow. Are you freaking kidding me? Anyway, instead of letting the real men take care of this (USA), they will bully their way into this and create more problems. Great! Anyway, I guess there's always room for more failure for israel. That was the title btw.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

What crap

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This was not posted by me. My actual post had a different title that was critical of Israel - the country Buchanan is ripping in this article. 


I have a crush on Alex Trebec jan

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Pat Buchanan is a joke and a Republican who is a permanent guest on MSNBC shows ... every time you turn the channel to MSNBC, he's there as one of the guests.



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