It would be bizarre in any country to find that its lingerie shops are staffed entirely by men.
BBC / By Stephanie Hancock
25-Feb-2009 (3 comments)

But in Saudi Arabia - an ultra-conservative nation where unmarried men and women cannot even be alone in a room together if they are not related - it is strange in the extreme.

Women, forced to negotiate their most intimate of purchases with male strangers, call the situation appalling and are demanding the system be changed.


Saudi lingerie trade in a twist

by ramintork on

This is a classical show case of religious hypocrisy.



we are next

by religulous (not verified) on

future plans of Islam and IRI for Iran.
I would be laughing if I wasn't so sick of this religious bull s**it


Saudi needs a reboot

by Nader Khan (not verified) on

Saudi is still 1400 years behind