Dennis Ross to Advise Clinton on Iran Strategy
The Washington Post
24-Feb-2009 (5 comments)

Ross's efforts may remain hidden for some time. In an article titled "Diplomatic Strategies for Dealing With Iran," published in September by the Center for a New American Security, Ross recommended that the initial approach to Iran take place through a "direct, secret back channel."

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I hope you're right, Ostaad

by BN (not verified) on

If he had been appointed "special envoy" I would have seriously doubted Obama's competence at handling Iran. Obama may have felt political pressure to give Ross some role in negotiating with Iran, but I find his involvement at any level worrisome. Let's hope you are right that this assignment is a political compromise that will appease Israel yet allow Obama to develop a serious break through.


Re: Ostad

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

You are being sarcastic right? This goes one step ahead to prove my point. The Obama administration wants to scuttle the talks, and enforce sanctions. 8 years from now, a happy republican administration will finally orgasm over Iran with bombs and bullets.


Another loss for AIPAC.

by Ostaad on

Ross's appointment to the position of special adviser in the State Dept. proves Obama's seriousness in restoring the US-Iran relations to a meaningful level - the full diplomatic relations may have to wait for some time. AIPAC was pushing for Ross, whose bias as "Israel's lawyer" and incompetence scuttled the peace negotiations between a reluctant Israel and Arafat, to be the special envoy between Iran and the US. With this appointment, which effectively warehouses him in the State, Obama shows he will not let the Zionistas and their agents dictate the terms this time.


That was the way forward back then and again now ...

by Grand Bargain (not verified) on

Déjà vu all over again!

Back in the mid 1980s when Reagan sent MacFarlane and Ramsey Clark to Iran with Cake and Quran, everything was sneakily done and managed under-the- table and behind closed doors.

After the deal went through, then the whole thing was revealed and everybody found out about it!


بمير و بِدم

Kambiz Tehrani (not verified)

همه ما ايرانيها با ضرب المثل ”بمير و بِدم” آشنا هستيم.
حرف من هم با اين جماعت (هم آمريكا و هم حكومت آخوندي) اين است:
” ولايت فقيه” ي ها !
خواهش ميكنم بفرماييد مذاكره كنيد. خواهش ميكنم عجله كنيد. خواهش ميكنم پاي ميز مذاكره بنشينيد. لطفا مذاكره كنيد..... شما بدميد . بميريد و بدميد.
و اما آقاي اوباما
لطفا بفرماييد پاي ميز مذاكره با دشمنان مردم ايران. بخت خود را بيازماييد.
شما كه انسان مدبر و هوشياري هستيد. ميدانيد كه در مذاكره يك چيزي بايد طرفين بدهند. آخوند ها از چه چيزي ميخواهند دست بكشند؟ لطفا قبل از اقدام يك دور سوالات زير را از خود بپرسيد و بعد سر ميز با آنها بنشينيد:
توقف غني سازي اورانيوم براي ساختن بمب اتمي؟
توقف صدور تروريزم؟ توقف داخلت در عراق؟ توقف صدور بحران در فلسطين و لبنان؟ دست كشيدن از حزب الله؟
توقف خفقان و كشت و كشتار مردم مظلوم ايران؟
منحل كردن سپاه و بسيج و كوفت و زهرمار؟
بنظر شما كدام را حاضر است كوتاه بيايد. اگر كوتاه بيايد پس ديگر ولايت مطلقه مي تركد و آنوقت مردم ايران حرف نهايي خودشان را خواهند زد.