What Iran’s Jews Say
The New York Times / Roger Cohen
23-Feb-2009 (8 comments)

Still a mystery hovers over Iran’s Jews. It’s important to decide what’s more significant: the annihilationist anti-Israel ranting, the Holocaust denial and other Iranian provocations — or the fact of a Jewish community living, working and worshipping in relative tranquillity.

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tsunami versus tsion (to ayhab)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

ayhab, it is true that tsunami can well describe the extremist and disastrous policies that Zion follows, but tsunami is not exactly same as the tsion the disaster!


Unfortunately, Americans

by AnonymousII (not verified) on

Unfortunately, Americans view all countries as their government as if they are one and the same. That is why pieces like Cohen's people are misleading and do not serve either the Iranians or the Iranian Jews; only a specific segment of International commies.


No wonder

by tsion on

Propaganda benefits like these are exactly the reason they are being "tolerated" and showcased by the regime in Iran. The way the tolerance of the Iranian people and the love of the Iranian Jewish community to Iran herself is being exploited and manipulated by this fascist regime who oppresses them both is truly disgusting.

PS. ayhab, It seems you have finally lost it completely, man! Who are you talking to? This is my first comment here. lol



Clueless Islamist/Leftist Exiles....

by Houman Roshandoost (not verified) on

Who simply can not get in touch with reality. Fred's title explained the reality between Islamic Republic and Iran. Iranian Jews who left, did not leave because of Iranians. They left because of the dirty criminal Islamic Republic. The Iranian Jews who have stayed, have done so because of the good heart of the Iranian population that knows and understands the disgusting virus that is the mullah regime. The Mullah/akhoond parasites that you support and defend have no heart or brains to speak of as evidenced by the way they treat the general Iranian population regardless of religion.



by capt_ayhab on


It is not that just Jews who migrated from Iran are clueless, its that most all immigrants who left the country are the same.

Juts look at all these shah parast bunch.


where did you see that the writer is trying to polish the IR image, obviously you did not read the article.




Jews population before the

by kalimi (not verified) on

Jews population before the revolution=100,000

Jew after the revolution= 20,000

Plight of Jews in Iran:



Clueless Kalimi exiles...

by Q on

where exactly did he say anything about the IRI? It was all about Iran.

why don't you just admit that you can't stand any positive news coming out of Iran, no matter who or what it says? That's really what it's all about. Out of touch people have been so blinded by hate that they are willing to sell out Iranians living in Iran.

You would rather the Jews in Iran be suffering just so it matches your political ideology.


Roger Cohen should have

by tsunami (not verified) on

Roger Cohen should have interviewed more than 50,000 Iranian jews in S. California and NY, and asked them why the left Iran after the revolution?

I really don't understand what he is trying to achieve by this puff piece? Restore the image of IRI as jew-loving tolerant peaceful to minorities??? Unbelievable!