French Newspaper Reviews Empress Farah Pahlavi's documentary by Mitterand
Le figaro
21-Feb-2009 (3 comments)
Elle a voulu parler à l'occasion des 30 ans de la révolution islamique. Pour défendre son mari, le Chah d'Iran, pas pour parler d'elle. Farah Pahlavi, la chahbanou, ne sort que rarement de son silence. L'entretien qu'elle a accordé à Frédéric Mitterrand, diffusé samedi soir sur France 3, est le premier depuis 2003. >>>
Darius Kadivar

Shahbanou Makes Cover Story of Le Figaro

by Darius Kadivar on

See Cover of Original magazine here in PDF file



Anon. Iraninan, it doesn't really matter my friend.

by Ostaad on

The Anglos, the US and Brits, have found their prize which is talking softly to the Iranian government hoping to reap the rewards SOON. The Frenchies, as usual are hoping for the crumbs. Thus their sudden interest in the "Pahlavis". The French want to have something to hang their hats on knowing no steam rises (bokhari boland nemisheh) from Reza and him mommy.

My French is not good either, but I be sure you've are not missing much. Just the same Pahlaviesque charand-parand.



Mr.Kadivar,How about something about your Shahbanou in English

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

How about something that the rest of us the non french speakers could understood,but I like the way your Prince Reza Pahlavi speak French.Like his father Mohammad Reza he speaks French and English.I have listened to your Prince when he speaks in English.He is fluent in English,but I do not know about his French since I do not speak French.