Iran's hope for change
Boston Globe
18-Feb-2009 (5 comments)

MOHAMMAD KHATAMI, the former Iranian president who recently announced he is running for that office once again, gives Iran its best chance of reconciling with neighbors and the world community and rescuing a collapsing economy from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's gross mismanagement. Khatami also represents the best hope of human rights defenders in Iran, democratic activists, and Iranian women.

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Will the West be duped again by Khatami's charms and smiles?

by My two cents (not verified) on

Khatami or safety valve of the Islamic Republic if allowed to be president once again will do his best to polish up the badly tarnished image of the IRI in the West while buying time for mullahs to finish up building up their bomb.

Mullahs might even agree to temporarily suspend uranium enrichment just to cool things off and until all this ballyhoo over their nukes blows over. Once that accomplished, they will resume it to finish up what they have heavily invested in.

The question remains: will the West be fooled once again by Khatami's charms and close its eyes to everything?

MY gut feeling tells me even if the West does, Israelis won't. They will not wait for American permission to do whatver they think will safeguard their country against mullahs' threats.


Fourth point

by Iranyvaliazad on

I used to have a file where I copy/paste Khatami's speeches that was given during his presidency ... the comments were mostly were from web site.  Anyhow, even 12 years ago, I was amazded that how people call him reformist when he has never promised to do anything to "reform" the dictatorship system.  So, I remember someone, perhpas Ganji, mentioned that a system with one unelected person on top with ABSOLUTE power is not a democratic system, perhpas the "leader" powers should be distributed among various "government" divisions.

Khatami's direct respnse to this 'THOUGHT' was a very quick and brief comment that "rahbar's" or Vellayat Faghih will remain as is and whoever even THINKS (I distinctly remember the word "think") of reducing rahabar's powers is a TRAITOR.  So, I ask you in a country that thousands are massacred by moslem clerics for simply carrying flyers, what do you think they do with Traitors?!  My understanding of that particular speech was Shut Up or or we will shut you up permanently.

Unfortunately, I have deleted my file and I don't have access to it .. I do not know if web site has an archive section or not, if it does then one might be able to find that particular comment by Khatami.

I found this web site, but I sure don't have time or desire to read a bunch of bullsh1t again.


rosie is roxy is roshan

dear irany,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

could you please elaborate on your fourth point?



by Iranyvaliazad on

1. people still believe there is democracy and meaningful elections in Iran.

2. That a country with population of 72 million can produce ONLY one person, an akhond, to be president for the 3rd term.

3. Even though Khatami has never stated what he and his gang trying to "reform", he is called a reformist.  Where is his agenda, manefist, to do list, anything?

4. Khatami has said those who attempt to reduce powers of "rahbar" are traitors, or in other words since traitors are executed, he in fact was asking for the head of those people who tried to bring democracy and accountability to Iran ... and he is still considered a mild manner akhond.

5. In general, Iranians have not realized that movement of akhonds' lips is indication that he is lying... even after 30 years.


American endorsement of Seyyid Khandan

by IRVAJ (not verified) on

Such American endorsements are tantamount to kiss-of-death for Khatami. He is already being accused by his red-neck adversaries of being an American stooge. Such endorsements are the last thing he needs. As far as the substance of the matter is concerned, apparently the writer of this editorial is unaware of the fact that Khatami himself has qualified the job of presidency in Iran as ‘butler’ for the real authorities.