caryl churchill's critical play about Gaza
New York Times
18-Feb-2009 (2 comments)

In “Seven Jewish Children,” which is just 10 minutes long and is playing at the Royal Court Theater in London this month, unnamed members of a Jewish family say of Palestinians, “They did it to themselves” and “I wouldn’t care if we wiped them out,” according to the script.

Rather than charging admission, the London production is asking audience members to contribute money to Medical Aid for Palestinians, a British-based group. Ms. Churchill has taken the unusual step of agreeing to license the play to theaters at no charge, as long as admission is free and donations are solicited for the medical group, according to a statement in the script.




Cyprus said the ship breached a U.N. ban on Iranian arms exports

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Cyprus allows Iran ship to leave, without suspect cargo
AP - World News
Feb 19, 2009

NICOSIA — A Cypriot official says a ship suspected of transporting Iranian arms to Gaza is free to leave the island, as its cargo has been unloaded.

Senior Merchant Shipping Department official Andreas Constantinou said Wednesday it's now up to the owners of the Cyprus-flagged Monchegorsk to decide when and where to go.

The Monchegorsk has been anchored off Limassol for five days. More than 90 containers of what Cypriot officials only described as "material that could be used to make munitions" were unloaded and stored at a naval base.

The government said the ship breached a U.N. ban on Iranian arms exports.

The U.S. military said it found artillery shells and other arms aboard the ship it said was headed for Syria after stopping it last month in the Red Sea.


Democracy or what?!

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'He initially said that he had made the decision after speaking with “religious leaders,” among others. At another point he said he was concerned that the subject matter of the one-woman drama posed “a marketing and contextualizing challenge.”

And New York is supposed to be the cultural capital of the U.S.!!