Israel mustn't think about bombing Iran
Haaretz / Gideon Levy
15-Feb-2009 (42 comments)

Benjamin Netanyahu, formerly "Mr. Terror," is now "Mr. Iran," and has declared that "Iran will have no nuclear arms."
Notwithstanding the boisterous nature of the declaration, this will hopefully be the case, but if what Netanyahu means is that Israel, under his leadership, may become embroiled in an attack on Iran, then there is room for grave concern. Now is the time to tell Netanyahu: "No bombing."

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Mola Nasredeen

With Jewish "doves" like Mr DW who needs Zionist hawks?

by Mola Nasredeen on

Mr DW's solution for Iran is as follow:

1. Send a born again Christian preacher to Iran first and hope it would result in a regime change. The kind of preachers who gave us 8 years of Bush The Idiot presidency.

2. According to Mr DW's recipe, Americans should not talk to Iranians (oops but Americans were talking to Russians for the longest time before Grubachov era)

3. If nothing works then go to war with Iran?

Say what? I thought you were a Jewish dove?

DW Duke


by DW Duke on

Q, Levy is a moderate and often one of the only voices of moderation in the flood of extremism in the Middle East.  I anticipate that he will be one of the greatest allies of all people when we begin to address the Palestinian/Israeli conflict in a rational and moral sense.   

War with Iran would be another of the great mistakes of the 21st Century.  Iran does not need to be obliterated has Hilary Clinton has suggested.  Iran needs to be brought into the 21st Century.  Many of us say that engaging in dialogue with Iran is a bad mistake.  That may be true but in many cases historically it has been shown to be effective.  Here is something that few people know. 

There is a Christian Minister by the name of Billy Graham who was extremely influential in bringing about the collapse of the Soviet Empire.  He began traveling to the Soviet Union in the 1980's and he befriended the leaders of that nation including Gorbechav.  He received tremendous criticism in the Christian community in the US for spending months at a time in the Soviet Union.  He was even called a traitor.   

Several years ago when I began working with Russian officials I asked if there was any American who had an influence on the unraveling of the Soviet Union.  I expected to hear the name Ronald Regan.  While I heard that name sometimes, most of the time I heard the name Billy Graham.  Billy Graham is a commonly known name in the Duma as the American man of great influence who brought an end to the Soviet Empire because he was not afraid to dialogue with the enemy.  Am I saying that the US should dialogue with Tehran?  No, but I am saying that it is definitely an approach that should be considered before war.       


Khaleh joon

by Agha Mooshe (not verified) on

Yes, we are both two Iran lovers.

Vagharneh, in Mooshe man as zabooneh ina miad. Chon kheili doost darand as essm-hayeh ma esstefadeh konand, ba agha va aqha too pasvand, pishvand eshoon. Ghoftam messleh khodeshoon ba khodeshoon harf bezanam, balkeh khosheshoon biad ;)

khaleh mosheh

A very educational article

by khaleh mosheh on

Thanks v much Q for posting it.

PS- Salam Agha Mooshe- Are we related at all?  


Mehdi Mazloom

by Agha Mooshe (not verified) on

You references to Rajavi and displeased scientists show your total ignorance of the reality.

I read twice the article, and between the lines, it says forget War with Iran. You can not afford it.


Thank you Q

by IRANdokht on

I agree with Anon7, besides this good article, there were plenty of interesting links on that page.
Hopefully reason and good judgment will prevail and put an end to all the unnecessary bloodshed.

Thanks again


Niloufar Parsi

great article

by Niloufar Parsi on

gives hope to the situation...


Mehdi Mazloom

Q - you are at it...............again

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Read the article again. It is not what Gedeon writes (advises Israel NOT use military force to stop the Mullah's nuclear program.), rather what he does NOT write.

Just read between the lines. He is not talking about an on going and apparently successful undercover program already in place. Sabotage the program from within, such that no progress will be  made. 

Every body's mother (agent) is working hard from inside to slow or even cripple the program. The CIA, the MI6, Mossad, the French the Germans, they are are having party inside the Iranians nuclear program. Since the installation are remote and far a part is is  much harder for the Mullahs to keep tab on all their enrichment sites.

Think about it, not every Iranian employee in that program works there on his own free will. There are many scientists who are pretty unhappy and object the Mullahs.  Many of them may have been contacted by those agents an been warned, "play ball with us, or else".

And what about the dreaded MEK headed by that gorgeous Maryam & her husband Massoud Rajavi. After all they are the ones who revealed to the world about Iran's clandestine nuclear program. How many agents particularly in the higher ups do they have there?



Thank you for posting ...

by mehrnaz (not verified) on

Gideon Levy always gives me hope ... that fairness, courage and decency survive group pressure of tribalism and paranoia.

Ostaad, I am not sure what you meant by referring to the "murmurs here and there [in the Iranian press] that point out Iran's lack of capability and interest to attack Israel". Iran has persistently made it clear that it has no intention of attacking Israel. What has always been made clear though is that Iran would unhesitatingly respond severely to any attack on its soil. As far as the issue absence of capability is concerned, I don't find it relevant because there is no doubt that Israel is far more powerful militarily, this has never been a secret, but when it comes to defence against aggression, those equations do not apply ...

iraj khan

WOW! if a non Jew say these stuff about Israel they put him in

by iraj khan on

jail. New York Times columnist Roger Cohen, who is visiting Iran says:

"It is now necessary to grant a genuine chance to the new winds blowing between Washington and Tehran, and avoid inflaming the situation with bellicose declarations. Israel's war drums should promptly be put away. Netanyahu and Lieberman need to forget their inflammatory rhetoric before they stir the justified ire of Washington. Perhaps diplomatic exchanges will succeed in stopping Iran from going nuclear, but even if they don't, it would be best for Israel to get used to the idea that Iran may join the club of which, according to foreign reports, Israel, India and Pakistan, among others, are members."

A refreshing viewpoint, Thank you for posting.


Here's what I posted on Haaretz Talkback

by Ostaad on

"I would only believe Israel's threats to attack Iran when the IAF
pilots starts signing papers announcing their commitment to become
suicide bombers."

This article shows there are cool heads in Israel as well as in Iran. Although the Iranian press is not as free as it's Israeli counterparts but there are murmurs here and there that point out Iran's lack of capability and interest to attack Israel. 


thanks Q

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Q, I have seen links to many good articles by you. Wanted to thank you for that ....