Baha'i Leaders In Iran Charged With Spying For Israel
RFE/RL via payvand
13-Feb-2009 (2 comments)

PRAGUE -- The International Baha'i Community says it is concerned that seven imprisoned members of the Baha'i faith are to be tried for charges including "espionage for Israel, insulting religious sanctities, and propaganda against the Islamic republic."

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Please help me understand. . .

by Please help me understand. . . (not verified) on

Dear Abarmard,

Please help me understand. . .

When did the US last put someone on trial for mere religious beliefs? (or do you buy into the whole "spying" scenario).

Dear Lord, I hope not, simply because ignorance is so, so disheartening. Haven't the Baha'is experienced enough . . .without someone gamely throwing in the other shoe?

May I ask the same about Israel?

Presently, a person can be something DIFFERENT is the U.S. and Israel and it is protected by law.
Presently a person can be something DIFFERENT on Iran at the risk of his/her life.

That's the problem in Iran, plain and simple.


That's bad

by Abarmard on

But a question: If the same thing happened in the US or Israel, would you question it? If you disagree with both then I am with you, but double standard is what I don't appreciate.