Iran 'ready for dialogue with US'
10-Feb-2009 (7 comments)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said he would welcome talks with the US as long as they were based on "mutual respect". Speaking on the 30th anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran, he said Iran would welcome change from the US as long as it was "fundamental". He said: "The Iranian nation is ready to hold talks... in a fair atmosphere."

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by Iranyvaliazad on

In my opinion, Obama didn't leave much room for akhonds to maneuver  … Obama doing a lot of work which is  180 degrees different than his predecessor, Bush.  One of those things is to come out as the one who is offering the olive branch to their long time foe, Iran.  Like it or not, Obama is very popular both in the US and utside its borders, his actions carry lot of weight.  By offering peace first and in public, he takes the initiatives away from akhonds … if akhond say NO … then US & Israel or the West can do whatever they please and they will have support of their population or in other words attack on Iranian installation will be possible without much of scolding from world communities .  And if akhonds say Yes, then they will have to GIVE IN to some of the demands place upon them.  Of course, this is a simple interpretation ..  World politics are much more complicated, right?

Unfortunately, moslem clerics have shown that they DO NOT care for Iranians and don’t mind if a million or so die for their cause.  Khomeini’s war with Saddam and mass executions are good example of how moslem clerics do anything to save their own assets as well as their asses.  

Hopefully, Obama and his colleagues will keep that in mind.

Kaveh Nouraee

Everyone's Getting Their Hopes Up

by Kaveh Nouraee on

for what?

What does this ape know about mutual respect? The IRI is abusing Iranians as a matter of daily routine and all of a sudden there's talk of mutual respect.

HAH! To hell with that monkey, to hell with his handlers, and to hell with the entire IRI.


Who looses in US/Iran friendship

by matchMaker (not verified) on

The real and obvious loosers are those who beat on the drum of US attacking Iran and those who slept with different people in bed for shiny days that won't happen!

Who is the winner on this frienship:
US, Iran and Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure some loosers have WET pants now!


Ahmadinjad wants credit

by Abarmard on

Before the election, a talk with the US would be a boost to his chances of getting reelected. Most probably there won't be any talk until the election is over. After the election the talks will begin no matter who has won.

rosie is roxy is roshan

The change may not come right away

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

but it will have to come. The hardliners got in in no small part because of the military flanking of Iran by genius Bush. They will lose ground. There is a better balance of power now with increased Russian ties. Russia needs to prove they are in the middle ground (Georgia aside) to aviod flagrant confrontaton with US/EU. Russia cannot afford to be backing a psycho wacko Fundamentalist regime. They will apply subtle pressures. Dialogue is opening w/Obama. Vali Nasr is de facto co-ambassador to Iranian by dint of being appointed Ambassador to Afghanistan. All major powers PLUS Iran are working on the Afghan issue together. Israel has gone totally nuts and at this point even the US cannot afford to back its extreme actions, has provided credit to Fatah to back a reconstruction campaign that Israel refused to do, will need to reign in Israel to keep these other relationships stable, and yep ubelievable as it sounds even for humanitarian reasons now w/Obama. All of these things and more will loosenthe Mullahs' lose their rally round the flag clout. Sooner or later things will have to give. I have a feeling sooner. In the shifting geopolitical situation IRI cannot afford to string people up over a major commuter thoroughfare at rush hour while the US is reigning in Israel and frebuilding Gaza. It just won't play. At least that's what I think.


nice post

by capt_ayhab on

Nice post, thanks.

This morning Christina Amanopoor was On CNN, analyzing and rendering opinion on the subject. One thing she said,which came as nice surprise to me.

She said that Ahmadinejad's administration has been making favorable overtures ever since Mr. Obama got elected.

I do not hold much hope for any change in internal policies of the Akhund regime, but I do hope they stop[kaleh khariat], not just for the sake of relationship, but for the sake of Iranian Nationals getting the recognition they deserve.

It seems though, most if not all of European countries support the dialogue with Iran, with Israel standing firm on their ultra right position. 


capt_ayhab [-YT]

rosie is roxy is roshan

Great post!

by rosie is roxy is roshan on