DNI Nominee Blair Talks Of Opportunities for Statecraft
The Washington Post / Walter Pincus
26-Jan-2009 (one comment)

Some programs that support exiled or opposition groups in Iran, for example, are already well known. Blair said there are "other leaders and political forces" there with whom "it is possible to work toward a future in both our interests."

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Rafsanjani & family only care about their pockets

by U don't say! (not verified) on

"Arab and Muslim leaders who are striving for a progressive and peaceful future for their religion and their countries."

opportunistic vermins like Rafsanjani, family and Co. are only and only striving for the progressive and peaceful future of their bank accounts and the astronomical wealth they have accumulated so far and been piling up as we speak, besides they have always been close to and had relations with the foreign intelligence services and policy makers since the beginning of the revolution.