Even Ordinary Iranians Took Up This Banner
The Washington Post / Azadeh Moaveni
24-Jan-2009 (12 comments)

If anything, I've always found that my former neighbors -- many deeply pious, but not known for any special antipathy toward Israel -- are, like the majority of Iranians, resentful of Iran's support for militant groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

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by Aziz (not verified) on

My friend Fidel Castro is 82 years old and for over 50 years now he has been so gracious to accept the burden of leadership on behalf of the people of Cuba. That Cubans enjoy being tied to the end of a short leash is their business. That the descendants of Kaveh the Ironsmith bear under the saddle of Velayat-e-Faqih is Iranian.com's business.

Azadeh's eyes are open and she can see. Tourist or otherwise. The fanatic letter of alphabet, too,may someday wake up from slumber of fanatisim and see as clearly as Azadeh.


Dear Fred

by Zion on

Yes it is the way it is, and I agree none of this should be taken personally. It is however important to highlight it every once in a while, especially since no mention is made about the alterations and deletion of comments. I didn't want my comment to be misunderstood as addressed to you but referring to Q's "reply" instead in this thread for instance. Something it might as well have been given the way your comment I was referring to vanished without any trace! :-)



by Fred on

Thank you for the explanation, you really didn’t have to. FYI, some times back when the person in question  and his crew were goading me to disclose my full name and location, in response to others challenging him to do as he says he on number of occasions stated his locality and even bragged about his creations being posted on line under his own name.

So if that was the criteria I disagree with the executed judgment and assure you that outing is not my concern, rather their hypocrisy and services beneficial to the Islamist republic.

I invite you to review the deleted comment and see it was in line with that person’s line of reasoning.

Rest assured like you and your site being a work in progress I too am in perpetual learning mode.  

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

In your deleted comment, you exposed what seemed to be someone's city of residence and profession. I don't know if it was truthful or not. I know it's wrong to do it to you or anyone who does not volunteer that personal information himself.

Also, as is often the case with you and many of the commentators, instead of commenting on the subject at hand, you attacked another person's character. Yes, they do it to you to. But it's cheap and ugly and will encourage others to also be cheap and ugly. Moderators will try to keep personal attacks to a minimum. Maybe we'll all eventually learn to talk mesle adam.


C'est la vie

by Fred on

Although I’ve experienced it just a handful of times the randomness of the deletions is at times puzzling and seems not to follow any pattern, nevertheless I’m grateful for the opportunity to propagate my views.

 When constantly voicing sugar-free opinion about hypocrisy, deception and political hot-potato issues one, as careful as ever, should expect to unwittingly trespass some areas.

In face of what many dream about, the emancipation of Iran from the clutches of the Islamists, my feelings/ego and a thousand like me is truly irrelevant. Nothing is personal.  


Oh the frustrated censor officials

by Zion on

So now even someone like Q is one of the official protected pals of the moderation here too eh? Any doubt left what the agenda of this website is? :-)

No wonder the "moderators" are so frustrated, it's one thing to snuffle free speech of all the dissidents "outside" the inner circle in a place like Iran when you have full control over there, something different to try the same stunt in a free land like America.

Fred, again great job my friend. The reaction of the "moderators" here in censoring your replies is the seal of proof of that.


Thank you Fred

by Anonymous x (not verified) on

Many on this site should read this article; they really have no idea what is going on in Iran.


Well Said Fred..

by Parthian on

Great response to the one of the biggest degenerates on this site. He should listen to his advice, don't sit behind a computer key board, go to Gaza and fight you hypocrite...



by shirazi3 (not verified) on

Talk about propaganda! This is a another nice anti-Iran propaganda hit piece. It implies that 1) Iranians are a fickle-minded people easily swayed by the regime's slogans, 2) Hamas was the real victimizer in the conflict, 3) the situation for Iran's people and economy are in par with the Palestenians' plight. Did she ever consider that the people felt the way they did because they had an ounce of humanity left in them? Let us thank the writer for clarifying things for her readers. It must take a certain level of audacity and shamelessness to write this stuff.

khaleh mosheh

High pitched...

by khaleh mosheh on

noiZ....so shrill or so shrill.

Love your double act with Fred

(oly kidding-had to put in my ear plugs) 


Ha ha ha

by Zion on

Best reply ever, Fred! Respect!

[Wonderful news article by the way. Thanks.]



by Q on

The author of "Lipstick Jihad", visiting Iran on a tourist visa thinks she represents the "majority of Iranians"?