World powers to meet to discuss Iran next month

LONDON (Reuters) - Representatives of six major powers are expected to discuss Iran's nuclear program next month, their first meeting since the new U.S. administration took office, Russia's ambassador to Britain said on Wednesday.

"Political directors are scheduled to meet at the beginning of February in Berlin. That will be the first meeting this year. They will brainstorm the opportunities of further action with regard to this issue," Yuri Fedotov told reporters.

Western countries fear that Iran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons under the cover of a civilian atomic program. Iran says it only wants to master nuclear technology to generate electricity to meet its growing power needs.

The group of six countries -- Russia, the United States, China, Germany, Britain and France -- have obtained several rounds of U.N. sanctions against Tehran while pushing for further talks.

French daily Le Monde reported this week that France and Britain were spearheading an effort within the European Union to pass new sanctions, but with limited success.

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