Hamas leader urges West to talk with it's "Legitimate" Party
21-Jan-2009 (one comment)

The political leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, says that the time has come for the West to lift its boycott on his Palestinian Islamist movement. The group has claimed victory in the confrontation, saying it stopped Israel achieving its aims. "I tell European nations... three years of trying to eliminate Hamas is enough. It is time for you to deal with Hamas, which has gained legitimacy through struggle," Mr Meshaal said in a speech from the Syrian capital, Damascus. "Now it is time to start to talk to Hamas, which is a legitimate force."

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Mehdi Mazloom

Intellectual masturbation at it best

by Mehdi Mazloom on

dear participants. It has been months during which I have been presenting to you the concept of "Mind Set", "Value System" and the "cultural". Also the profound differences between the Western & Arab-Islamic societies, under which people perceive themselves, vis-a-vis the outside world.

These are the attributes which govern the school of thought and actions to which it directly translates into the standard of living of their constituencies.

Like Hizbollah before them, now we have another group like hamas which demonstrate it delusional mantra, far more then realities on the ground.

Look at this pathetic group, It is NOT ONLY they did not liberated a single inch of what they claim Palestinian land. They lost (and Israel could have held on) almost every sq. Inch which they already had. 

NOT ONLY Hamas had lost more then 650 of their fighters. (Even their own leaders had admitted, to have ordered their solders to ware civilian cloth and mingle among the crowds, which it explans the high number of so-called 1400 civilians.)

NO ONLY that, no one (Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and US) really had consulted, nor ask the hamas leaders , when and under what condition the ceasefire was executed. In fact all was done over their heads.

NO ONLY their rockets on Israel was dwindling as the war was going on. 

NOT ONLY they did manage to kill only 10 Israeli solders (3 others were killed by friendly fire).

NOT ONLY few supporters of this group had believed this idiots and responded to Hamas

NOW, this group still believes that by hiding in 300 ft deep Bunkers under their Hospitals and other public building, and by surviving the attack, they have "won".

NOT ONLY, they told their fighters to run away from confrontation with IDF solders, and hide among civilians.

let get it straight. Hamas leaders had abandoned their solders in the battlefield, and were hiding like a rats deep in the ground - while they let their opponent (IDF) slaughter many of their solders who did not have the luxury of hiding like them, and left them out in the cold to fend for themselves, with no leadership. The same story is true for the rest of the population in gaza itself.

Since those rats had survived the war  then they have defeated their enemy.

This is the type of sick, and garbage mind set which I am talking about.

And whom are the real victims here. You guest it right, the poor Gazan civilians who end up paying for Hamas sick and hateful mantra.