Report: Oldest Bin Laden Son Freed By Iran
20-Jan-2009 (8 comments)

Iran has quietly released Osama bin Laden’s elder son and is likely to have “pushed him across Western Afghanistan’s bordering Heart region” towards the end of 2008, a senior Arab diplomat said on Saturday, responding to reports of the younger bin Laden having eventually arrived in Pakistan.

“I don’t know where he may be presently located - he could be on either side of the Pak-Afghan border after traveling from western Afghanistan,” said the diplomat with access to intelligence information, who spoke to CBS News in Islamabad on condition of anonymity.

Saad bin Laden, 27, is one of the 19 children of the world’s most notorious terrorist suspect who has evaded capture for more than seven years since the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington unleashed the U.S.'s war on terror.

According to earlier press reports, on Friday Mike McConnell, the director of U.S. national intelligence, said Saad bin Laden was probably in Pakistan, suggesting his refuge was the country’s lawless tribal areas along the Afghan border.

CBS News' Leily Lankarani in Tehran writes that there has been response from Iranian authorities on these reports.

Saad bin Laden was believed by Western and Pakistani intelligence officials to have been captured by the Iranians when he tried escaping via Iran in late 2001, following a U.S. attack on Afghanistan.

The Arab diplomat who spoke to CBS News said it was unlikely th... >>>

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Farhad Kashani

Smhb,   You’re

by Farhad Kashani on



You’re Fascist-IRI-supporting propaganda can only fool yourself and no one else.


You also seem not to get it at all. Its very sad. Look, just as the USSR was the central core of the communist movement, IRI is the central core of the Islamic fundamentalism movement. Most, but not all, Communist movements got their support, whether it was emotional, material, weaponry, economical, political, …from Moscow. However, there were some who didn’t necessarily follow Moscow, but were inspired by its Communism movement, and followed its path, although they didn’t agree with USSR in everything, and some might’ve even bumped heads with it. it’s the same with the IRI. All Islamic movements get their inspiration from IRI, they might not admit it, but Khomeini has already set the model for an Islamic government 30 years ago. Most the big ones like Hamas and Hezbollah are pretty much a mini-IRI. Without IRIs oil dollars, they will die out in a week. The other small “death cult” groups like the ones on 9/11, and Madrid, and London, are also get inspired by the IRI. So, in order for the threat of Islamic fundamentalism to go away, IRI must go away. Just like when USSR collapsed, all Eastern European communist regimes collapsed, and China and Vietnam changed dramatically, and the list goes on.


So, how about you getting a life, and how about this: you ain’t foolin anyone!




by Hajminator on

You have to think hardely to change your avatar on a green Jian with Fariboz Kermani as your new nickname.

As an ardent GIYUS guy, how much is your pay ? noiZ, gives it all cash?


Mosad at its best

by Mehdi on

Kashani, why don't you ever mention something nice about Mosad? Aren't they doing their best to bring about democracy and freedom to the people of the world? Haven't you heard of them. Just, please, don't listen to those who claim Mosad is a collection of the worst scum of the Earth trying to manufacture evidence in order to create wars so that some other scums can profit from. Don't you listen to them.



by smhb on

You post articles that seem to indicate IR's link between Al Qaeda and the IR or for that matter establishing other types of dubious links.

At a minimum you should understand that those who pushed the US into a war with Iraq are the same criminals that have been trying very hard to fabricate stories in order to justify a military attack on Iran. Now, any self proclaimed Iranian nationalist would find that abhorant and treacherous, to say the least.

Then there is the issue of a sovereign state having in custody, elements of Al Qaeda. Since when the IR has a legal or moral obligation to immediately turn them over to US? For what purpose? Whose interest is it going to serve? And why would you actually propagate such non-sense by posting a highly dubious article that any 3rd grader can punch holes through?

Lets assume that the IR may have 1, 10, 50, 100 or whatever the number maybe, of various nationalities in its custody that have crossed from Afghanistan or Pakistan into Iranian territory and have been arrested. As far as I am concerned that's a purely domestic Iranian issue and if they want to share whatever info they have with the US its strictly their business. If they don't want to do that its also fine with me. Either way it means absolutely nothing. As a sovereign state they can make a simple cost benefit analysis and decide on the pros and cons of such course of action.

The amazing thing is that in the absence of anything of substance to incriminate the IR in order to create the climate in this country so another war of aggression can be started, these monkeys have stooped so low that in broad daylight they lie and fabricate such flimsy propaganda material that its laughable.

The sad thing is that certain individuals who constantly beat their chest on a daily basis and yell and scream their devotion to Iran then turn around and serve the enemies of Iran. 


bin laden was in dubai a

by king david (not verified) on

bin laden was in dubai a month before 9-11 for medical treatment and acording to hospital records and local testimonies he was surounded by americans

if you like i dig it up .. name of hospital etc ..


Farokh2000: u wanna censor him like mullahs?

by I wonder (not verified) on

He's just posting articles!!

How come we have to put up with all the garbage you and your ilk post here constatnly?! should everything be in line with your views in order for the poster not to be labelled as an AIPAC member?!


Read the article again

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Even the article says they do not know why they released him and speculate they want to get rid of old baggage. IRI is deadly afraid of talebans and alqaeda. They backed northern alliance and Talebans killed 29 Iranian diplomats in cold blood back in 90s. Its just ridiculous and probably to dis inform the reader to suggest a link. It is like WMD in Iraq, old tricks, new words.



by farokh2000 on

It seems like you have a lot of time on your hand sitting there and writing about the evils that are the Mullahs.

There is no question that the Mullahs need to go. I hate them as much as the next person. But it seems you are so passionate about this that you are willing to put down lies and untrue stories in order to make a point.

I wonder if you are financed by AIPAC to run this kind of garbage.

Do you have anything to write about the evil that is the Israeli government or the US Government, or what they are doing is fine with you?

To me one life lost is too many, especially if it is an innocent one. It seems you are looking for more blood. Haven't seen enough?

Please get the facts straight and get a life.