Iran urges Hamas to reject ceasefire, target Israeli positions
20-Jan-2009 (12 comments)

TEHRAN, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) -- Iran's first deputy head of Majlis (Parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Ismaeil Kowsari said on Sunday that Hamas should reject ceasefire and target "Zionist" positions, the official IRNA news agency reported. "Hamas should not accept unilateral ceasefire declared by the Zionists and never hesitate to target their strategic positions with missiles", Kowsari was quoted as saying.

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Farhad Kashani

Smhb,   What if that

by Farhad Kashani on



What if that person who is shooting at you, wants to stop shooting at you, and you also want to stop shooting at him, which means both of you want to live in peace, but your “friend” is doing everything possible to stop you two from achieving peace, including telling you to tell the guy whose shooting at you that even if he stops shooting at you, you still want him disappeared from the face of the earth?


Your “friend” wants you guys to fight so he can portray himself as “someone” who is helping the weaker, so others witnessing can think that he is a “moral” person. And so your “friend” can gather more supporters for his army of terrorists who are filled with martyrdom culture blowing themselves up killing innocent children in numbers greater thousands of times than the 1300 people died in Ghaza? And how about if you didn’t exist without your “friend” inventing you!!! Without your friend inspiring you to fight not for yourself, but to fight for a greater cause, which is establishment of an Islamic Caliphate?



To smhb: go open your shop elsewhere if u can

by Khodeti (not verified) on

True! we should believe only the IRI-commissioned propaganda and the gibberish you promote on mullahs' behalf 24/7 on this website, and follow your example like the cattle of sheep thirty years ago who followed your leader Ruhollah.


Fight on

by smhb on

Here is something for the zionists on this site:

So, someone shoots at you everyday in your neighborhood (lets call them Israeli's). You call the cops (we'll call them the UN). But every time they think about sending help, the police commissioner (the USA) says no. So in defense of yourself, family, and land you decide to get some really big rocks. You throw the rock, but they're no match for guns. So next you call up your friend from across town (call your friend Iran) and ask if they minded you borrow some guns. They say no problem. The next day after getting shot at again, you decide to go home, get your gun, then shoot back. Now because you're shooting back, the gun-holder decides to purchase some supped-up cars and trucks, plus some experimental and illegal weapons from the police commissioner. The police department voices its opposition, but can't go against the commissioner. The gunmen then uses these super weapons and vehicles against you every time you walk home, with the reasoning for doing so being... YOU HAVE GUNS!! The gunmen must for sure stop you because you're 'weak' and 'uncivilized'.... right!??

Until you know whats really going on, and understand why the US is ALONE in its support of Israel, please refrain from posting stupid, biased and ignorant remarks.

And yes, alone DOES include all of Europe, Asia, Africa, South Africa, and CANADA... can you believe that!??

Tell me where you live, I'll like to take over your living room, and battle you for your kitchen. And every time you punch back, I'll call you a terrorist and bull-dose your bedroom.


Farhad Kashani

Abarmard, maybe you can't

by Farhad Kashani on

Abarmard, maybe you can't see properly, but I posted this news from Xinhua, which is China's news agency. So how am I faking news???? Are you OK? 


To Motaki: Yes, Islamic

by ... (not verified) on

To Motaki: Yes, Islamic Republic's survival and security depend on terrrorist organizations like Hamas NOT the security of Iran.

If anything IRI's hegemonic policies of the IRI to save its Arse will backfire and Iranians will ultimately have to pay for it with their blood and treasure.



by Abarmard on



This is a very old position

by Alborzi (not verified) on

There is no news in this, IRI and Ahmadinejad have had this position for sometime now, in fact in the face of the global denunciation of the operation, it seems they have not had any new statement. The only statement seems to have come from old ally Saudi Arabia who pledged a billion dollars in aid. Is this FUD?



by Zion on

Hamas has also engaged in rounding up and killing anyone it labels a Fatah collaborator, yet in either case, not a peep from the "bleeding heart humanists" of the website. Is there any doubt left in anyones mind what these people are speaking for?


We, Iranian want the same rights, he suggests for others!

by aaj sr (not verified) on

How would he respond for our struggle to get rid of IRI regime, quoting his own comments?

همه کسانیکه برای آزادی و علیه استعمار مبارزه می کنند حق دارند مسلح شوند و به گفته او "همه مقاومت ها در همه جای دنیا مسلح و مجهز بودند و الان نیز هستند." آقای متکی افزود که ا"ین مقاومت ها حق دارند ابزار مقاومت را از هرجا و به هرشکلی بدست آورند."


حمايت از مقاومت غزه سرمايه گذاری در حوزه امنيتی ایران است

Mottaki (not verified)

متکی: حمايت از مقاومت غزه سرمايه گذاری در حوزه امنيتی ایران است۱۳۸۷/۱۱/۰۲
منوچهرمتكی، وزير خارجه ایران امروز درهمايشی که " همایش تشكلهای غيردولتی و سازمانهای مردم نهاد" در ایران خوانده شد، گفت: حمایت از مقاومت غزه، سرمایه گذاری در حوزه امنیتی جمهوری اسلامی است . آقای متکی افزود که اسرائیل به هیچیک از هدف های خود در حمله به غزه دست نیافت. او همچنین از اجلاس شرم الشیخ در مصر انتقاد کرد و گفت که هدف از آن اجلاس جلوگیری از رسیدن اسلحه به دست " مقاومت غزه" بود. وزیر خارجه جمهوری اسلامی در ادامه با دفاع از مسلح شدن حماس ودیگر گروههای تندروی فلسطینی گفت: همه کسانیکه برای آزادی و علیه استعمار مبارزه می کنند حق دارند مسلح شوند و به گفته او "همه مقاومت ها در همه جای دنیا مسلح و مجهز بودند و الان نیز هستند." آقای متکی افزود که ا"ین مقاومت ها حق دارند ابزار مقاومت را از هرجا و به هرشکلی بدست آورند."
ایران می گوید که از حماس تنها از نظر مالی، سیاسی و تبلیغاتی حمایت می کند اما رهبران ایران درعین حال در تهاجم اخیر اسرائیل به غزه، از کشورهای اسلامی خواستند تا حماس را مسلح کنند. اسرائیل همواره جمهوری اسلامی را به مسلح کردن حماس متهم کرده است و نخست وزیر این کشور در آغاز تهاجم اخیر به غزه گفت که "اسرائیل به منافع استراتژیک ایران در غزه ضربه می زند."


To Abramard: we certainly know who takes you seriously!

by Ajool (not verified) on

Mard e hesbai he is quoting the Chinese news agaency! go fight the Chinese news agency!

khoobeh keh linkesh ro ham gozashteh vagarneh migofti az khodesh dar avordeh!


Since when

by Abarmard on

The one member's opinion is the Iranian policy?

Are you aware that no one is taking you seriously, because you fake news, kind of like "brainwash" style. Very dark and sad. This certainly won't bring a positive image to Israel, will it?