Iranian Holocaust book to be issued in English
19-Jan-2009 (9 comments)

TEHRAN (Reuters) – A student-linked Iranian publisher plans to launch English- and Arabic-language versions of a book of caricatures and satirical writings about the Holocaust, a semi-official news agency reported on Sunday.President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad caused outrage in the West and Israel for saying in 2005 the state of Israel should be wiped off the map and for a Tehran conference in 2006 that sought to cast doubt on the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis.

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bah bah

by MRX1 on

Every day another news from islamic paradise to make us proud!


Holocaust facts!

by justwondering (not verified) on

6,000,000 Jews were killed in concentration camps in Nazi Germany during WWII.

WWII lasted 6 years and 1 day.

That means 1,000,000 Jews were killed each year.

That is, 2,793 Jews dead every day for six years non-stop.

Israel with all her modern weaponry, including uranium depleted bombs, managed to kill only 1,100 Palestinians in three weeks despite all attempts to maximize the genocide as much as possible.

Now you tell me how Hitler did it?!!

By the way, I'm not a Holocaust denier. I'm just not very good in math.


zionist fabrications

by smhb on

Lets see, here in the west we can mock Jesus, insult Muslims and Islam all day long, insult God and claim freedom of expression but cant criticize israel or question zionists crimes and historical fabrications of the truth and or revisit WWII and double check the claims of the victors over the vanquished and verify their accuracy and verasity.

That freedom of expression doesnt seem to extend to criticism of jews and israel. Isnt that odd for a free society.

Therefore I commend President Ahmadinejad to have the audacity and the foresight to recognize that in todays world, zionism is the "idol and golden cow" worshipped by the corrupt zionist, imperialists and freemasons and shoved down the throat of every society day and night.

These corrupt elite use the feeling of guilt they have carefully inculcated in the western psychy to supress dissent and criticism of their lies, deceit, treachery, murder, and theft by labeling their opponents anti semites, terrorists, mad men, and etc..... while they commit the most horrendous of crimes.

Those regimes supported by imperialists and zionists like the shah, mubarak, khalid and etc.... all have one thing in common; you cant criticize the americans, british, and the israelis unless you are ready to be tortured and put to death.

Its very telling that when the shah sent Colonel Khosrodad in 1961 to meet Ayatolah Khomeini in Qom with a message from the shah that pretty much read: "If you dont criticize the americans, israelis and the pahlavis you can do and say anything. Ayatolah khomeini replied: tell your master if I dont talk about the americans, israelis or the pahlavis I dont have anything else to talk about".   

This publication is a timely contribution to the world wide struggle against zionism and imperialism. 



by Zina (not verified) on

Which part do you belong to? The part that slaughters babies?



by Zion on

What to say? [sigh]

Israel Lover you have a point. It would indeed have been more honest on their part. After all their part is your part and vice versa, isn't it?



by parsa R (not verified) on

Fair enough! Then, you should also accept the rights of Holocaust deniers. Democracy is democracy for all with all views!


They have it wrong

by Israel Lover (not verified) on

They should take a different angle. Instead of denying the hollow-cost they should discuss how it would have been a great thing for the world if it has been completed. When we look at Israel as the biggest source of bloodshed in ME, it makes you wonder if Hitler was actually right about these people. Look at what they are doing in Gaza these days. Imagine doing this at a much larger scale to Iran!


Actually it is not!!!

by mahmoudg on

The whole premise of Democracy IS so that we could make fun and poke at religious beliefs and question authority and historical and no-historical facts.  It may not be in good taste, but at least in America one is not put to death mocking religion.  I am a muslim and have mocked Islam for the last 20 years. and am still living to do more.  the day Persians learn to do this one thing, will be day it is truly free, of its prejudices. 



by fairness (not verified) on

You're right! it's not funny! Same as making fun of someone else's believes, drawing cartoons of somebody's religious figures, pissing on someone's holy book, etc. They are all so uncivilized!