Mission to Tehran
The New York Times
17-Jan-2009 (2 comments)

Through Tehran, every one of the major concerns in the region is connected to nearly every other one. Because of Tehran none can be solved in isolation. And if Iran goes nuclear, everything becomes hugely more problematic.

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giving themselves a pad in the back

by no_name (not verified) on

The zionist control media does a good job padding their zionist think tank in the back. Saban center, is funded by Heim Saban, the Israeli guy who owns the US Spanish channel univision to majority of satellite access in Germany. The author talks about experts from Saban center.

What a fucking show you guys have put up for the world to see. Giving yourselves accolades, awards, and using those accolades to substantiate your points. LOL!


Fred, no comment?!?

by KB on

Out of all the right wing/Zionits/Anti-muslem bloggers on this site, you seem to be the most consistent and certainly the most articulate. How come no comments on this article?