Iran president: 'Not feasible' for Israel to live
Associate Press
17-Jan-2009 (5 comments)

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) — A top Israeli envoy delivered his country's stance on a cease-fire agreement in Gaza to Egyptian mediators trying to seal a truce on Thursday. The Iranian president said the fighting showed Israel's continued existence in the region is "not feasible."The development came as the U.N. secretary-general pressed Israel, and Gulf leaders gathered in Saudi Arabia to discuss the conflict.

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Yes DK,

by Siamaq (not verified) on

The fire that you happily defend.


ایرانین دات کام


 اخ-مگ؟ یا احمق؟

Mehdi Mazloom

The Akh-mag is talking

by Mehdi Mazloom on

where this akhamag-e-nejad has been hiding all these days.

The problem is, he along with Bush had become the jokes on the srteets


Ahmadinejad, shut up!!!

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Ahmadinejad, shut up!!! Israel attacked Gaza since 27. Dec. and you open your mouth now? Mother G. bazi ham hadee dare ...


Totally agree with this

by shahin123 (not verified) on

Totally agree with this comment. Not because i am a supporter of Ahmadinejad or Hamas, but because humanity is suffering in the hands of those who run Israel.
Humanity has proven time and time again that many sects and different beliefs can live side by side in peace. Yet the inhuman acts of the governments of Israel along with USA and Britain have proven that they are nither human or have humanity's best interest at heart.
We all took part in celebrating Berlin wall coming down and yet many of us don't even know of the bigger walls built by Israel in Palestine.
We all celebrated the ending of Aparthid in South Africa and yet turn a blind eye on what is taking place in Gaza today.
The Western governments have total control over media and will only let you know what they want you to hear. And the Arab leaders? Most of them have been bought in to corruption by Western leaders. They are sat on their alters like dead souls who will only come to life by being shown the plastic chips and tokens of Casinos where they are led to gamble the money that should be used to feed the hunger of those who are in need of food and shelter.
I cry out. Where is a mighty hand who will brush away this oppression? Alas, it does not exist in the heavens above or in the abyss below. There is no outside power to come to the rescue. The power exists here and now within humanity itself. Unless we learn that all humans are part of a whole and hurting one is damaging part of the whole we will never be able to rid ourselves of this clamity.