More on the launch of BBC Persian TV
BBC / Sebastian Usher
14-Jan-2009 (3 comments)

The launch of BBC Persian television is part of the BBC's strategy for - in the words of the head of the World Service, Nigel Chapman - "having the right services in the right media for each part of the world". The new channel's annual budget of £15m ($22m) is being provided by the UK government. It will broadcast for eight hours a day, with a staff of 150, after its launch on 14 January.

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Yes, its launch seem to have turned up rather disappointing

by ramintork on

Funded by the foreign office, it seem to be a voice for the F.O. i.e. keeping IRI in power for their interest but controlled with a long stick.

It would probably bend over backwards to show it is not a threat to IRI, but use its presence as a stick and take the contary position whenever it needs to. An example of contary position was when the British sailors where held and Ahmadinejad giving badly tailored suites to them and shaking their hands before they were released was described by the British media as a Borat moment!

They have to get closer to how real Iranian people feel if they are to have some impact.

I know from insiders that it is controlled with an Iron first editorial with not much journalistic freedom.

Still, there might be some scope to enjoy the cultural programs and it is too early to judge it, as it just got launched.



didn't BBC promote and introduce Khomeini over 30 years ago

by Sheerin (not verified) on

Hey Hey Hey. What is going on!! Just before planning to bomb Iran BBC starts Farsi TV!!!. Coincident!!!! I don't think so. Didn’t BBC introduce Khomeini to the world?? Nobody new who Khomeini was. It was London and France who promoted him.

Just as they brought mollas to Iran now it is time to remove them because Israeli does not like the Nuke power.

And the GOVERNMENT OF ENGLAND gave the funding for BBC!!!!
How nice. After 30 years passed revelation they decided to have an Iranian TV channel and Inglisiha are paying for it.

Daee jan Napelon was right. Do not trust them


Yeah, BBC TV….This only,

by Angry1 (not verified) on

Yeah, BBC TV….
This only, to provide more support to all his mollas in Iran.
God bless the IRAN.