At Confirmation Hearing, Clinton Talks of Engagement With Iran
The Washington Post
14-Jan-2009 (one comment)

"This isn't an issue of talk to Iranians, don't talk to Iranians," Rice said. "It is a question of what price the Iranians are trying to extract for engagement. Are they trying to extract a grand bargain in which Iran is acknowledged as a regional power without having given up the very policies that are destabilizing the region?"

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Some sort of detente

by Amused (not verified) on

So interesting to see all the IR lackeys jumping all over the clip where Hillary says that all options will remain on the table, using all sorts of profanity and vulagr language typical of IRI thugs, then making all sorts of ridiculous deductions from what she said, coming to their conclusion that Democrats will have to accept mullahs with bombs etc. etc. yet so conspicuously quiet and mute here where the article mentions the possibility of Obama engaing Mullahs directly and Hillary confirming it.

I am really amused.

Mullahs want some sort of detente to save their own necks but I doubt it very much if in reality they would ever want to or ever could stop their direct/indirect support for terrorist groups in the ME and/or would want to establish full relationships (other than opening up a U.S. Interests Section in Iran) with the U.S. since that would mean the end of the Islamic Republic as we know it.

At the end of the day, I do not think Obama would achieve any more than Clinton's administration ever did with mullahs.