Iran Gives Hamas Enthusiastic Support, but Discreetly, Just in Case
The New York Times
13-Jan-2009 (3 comments)

“With no doubt Hamas must continue resistance and it will definitely win,” Kazem Moussavi Bojnerdi wrote in Monday’s issue of Etemad Melli, a reformist Iranian newspaper. “The death toll that the Israelis are imposing on Hamas should not make them back down, and I am certain that they will not surrender. If they show any weakness, they will have to pay horrifying costs in the future.”

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""Hitler in the last days of

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""Hitler in the last days of the Third Reich behaved as if Germany would win the war and, when it was obvious even to a madman like him that it would not, he not only preferred to die rather than be shamed by failure but insisted that his acolytes follow his example. Few of them did, however.

There is an analogy here with the Hamas leadership. Even allowing for the fact that they dare not admit that they cannot win because it would cause them such shame, they seem (very literally) to be hell-bent upon taking their people with them into the ruination their actions have crafted rather than have to admit to the world that they have failed to wipe out Israel. Their narcissistic injury must be exacerbated by the fact that no-one in the Arab world seems to be in much of a hurry to come to their aid.

Their callousness is no surprise since they are malignant narcissists and being so have always viewed their people as mere objects and means to their own ends. Their criminal neglect and gross inhumanity towards their own people by using civilians and even children as human shields, and their cynicism in parading those dead children in the hope of swaying world opinion against Israel, and using children as military aides, is yet more evidence of that. We are not talking here of a government which takes its civic duties seriously.

That being the case, the leaders at least will be very willing for their men, women and children to fight until the last although the leadership will, if it can, scuttle away to Damascus.""

Kaveh Nouraee

Translation of the Gray Box Above

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"Hamas had better continue resisting Israel....we have too much money riding on this for Hamas not to win," Kazem Moussavi Bojnerdi wrote in Monday’s issue of Etemad Melli, a reformist Iranian newspaper. "So what if Palestinian civilians are getting killed, be maa chieh? All I know is that with all of the money we have thrown at them, they better not back down, otherwise we're going to have to find other uses for this money, like actually keeping it in Iran and God forbid, using it for, actual Iranians".


Iran will fight Israel until

by sickofiri (not verified) on

Iran will fight Israel until the last drop of Arab blood is spilt - they’ve been doing it for years with Hizbollah.