Iran FM Mottaki and Former President Rafsanjani say: Arab countries have "betrayed" Gazans
03-Jan-2009 (2 comments)

TEHRAN (AFP) — Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki hit out at the international community for not doing more in the face of Israel's deadly blitz on Gaza on Friday and demanded an immediate halt to the assault.He said the Gazans were justified in their belief that some Arab countries had "betrayed" them.Former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani called on Muslims to provide political, financial and military help to the Hamas fighters.

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No, we are not Arabs, but we are humans unlike the zionists who

by gol-dust on

support this Nazi regime in Israel! May they all go to hell for their crimes against humanity! These people really hate arabs and think of them as rats!!! I guess they love to do the holocust on arabs who had nothing to do with it! Bee sharafha!


Protest against the Genocide of Palestinians by Israel and her

by zionist detector (not verified) on

defenders. Leaders of U.S. Senate defend Israel’s war on Gaza. New York mayor goes to Israel to defend Israel’s action. U.S. represntative at the United Nations Vetoes Security Councils request for stopping the Genocide of Palestinian at the hands of Israel’s army, president elect Obama stays silent.

Any sane human being would be wondering why we are still defending Israel’s war on Gaza.
Join millions of others in the world and Find a location near where you live and protest against the Genocide of Palestinian people: